Spare Parts

  • PS3

Team up, power up and beat 'em up!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA Bright Light
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    • Play as courageous robots Mar-T and Chip, who find themselves dumped out with the rubbish on a strange planet.
    • Work together in co-op mode, either local or online, and find a way to escape before evil Lord Krung can dispatch his henchmen to destroy you.
    • Search the hostile environments for ship parts and currency, unlock new abilities and battle countless enemies.
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    Play the part

    Spare Parts is set in four distinct areas, all situated on one very surreal planet. Jungles, caves and rivers are all brimming with electrical treats to fix your ship, obscure creatures to kill and even the odd broken robot to repair. Once you've found the missing parts to rebuild a damaged robot, you can switch between Mar-T, Chip and the new guy to take on your enemies.

    Any power-ups bought from the hub make you more powerful, as well as changing the look and feel of your character. Struggling to find out what you should do next? Not a problem. Throw on your X-Scanners and all will become clear, as these handy specs will reveal the next step in your mission. Similarly, Magno Boots will allow you to walk up and down metal walls and Power Arms will provide you with immense strength.

    Your helpful guide and mentor CON-RAD is charmingly voiced by the acclaimed British actor and sci-fi enthusiast Simon Pegg, who offers a humorous insight into a world filled with wonderfully bizarre creatures, technology and missions.

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    Mechanical mayhem

    Spare Parts follows two courageous robots, Mar-T and Chip, after they are dumped on a hostile, unfamiliar planet by a refuse ship. The pair are taken under the mechanical wing of the damaged but extremely considerate spaceship CON-RAD, who will help them vacate this strange environment if they restore him to his former glory.

    All over the planet's surface, it's up to you to find discarded ship parts to rebuild your getaway vehicle. Hidden up trees, lost in caves and sailing down rivers, these handy pieces are not always easy to get your bionic hands on. To spice things up, the land is also packed with bizarre enemies that will spit, punch and bite you. As CON-RAD will explain, this is not only harmful to robots, but also very rude.

    You may return to the hub to visit CON-RAD at any time, who will give you guidance, tips and even training, as enemies become more ruthless and the tasks more demanding. You can also cash in any currency you may have beaten out of the scenery or evil inhabitants, and upgrade your robotic get-up. Buy cool accessories such as Power Arms, X-Scanners and Magno Boots to increase your abilities and bash the bad guys. If you're lucky enough to get yourself a Nano Trigger, you can re-program enemies to attack each other while you blissfully glide by and collect electronic goodies.

    Solve intricate puzzles, take down enemies, find heaps of gadgets and gizmos to repair your ship, and flee this extraordinary planet.

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    Part Two

    No one likes being dumped on a strange planet at the best of times, let alone all by yourself. But that's ok, because Spare Parts features a co-op multiplayer mode for two players, both online and offline. Assume the role of Mar-T, Chip or one of the eight robots that you can rescue and restore, and play as a mechanical duo to repair your ship.

    Combine your abilities and perform special co-op moves with your partner to unlock hidden areas, take out enemies faster and have lots of fun with your bionic friend. You can break-dance together and play rock-paper-scissors to increase your abilities, and even high-five your buddy to replenish your health.

    You can still collect different items to increase your capabilities, and now you can work as a team to open doorways, battle with creatures and collect all the pieces of your ship that you need to escape the planet and head home.

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