SOCOM: Confrontation™

PlayStation Exclusives
  • PS3

The highly decorated SOCOM franchise breaks out on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Slant Six Games

    Available as download from PlayStation Store (PS3) and on Blu-ray Disc, SOCOM: Confrontation delivers the contemporary combat experience that the SOCOM is known for. Focused exclusively on on-line play and powered by PlayStation Network, SOCOM: Confrontation features full characterisation of the world's most elite fighting forces.

    Get together with other players, form teams and compete in up to 32 player battles and massive player tournaments. Customise your character and equip him from a selection of weapons. Recruit others, or be recruited, into an elite unit formed from free agents or friends you have served with before.

    Whether you are a Squad leader, or a soldier taking orders, everyone has a part to play. This is the chance for your team to confront the best soldiers the world has to offer and prove your worth.

    SOCOM: Confrontation’s online offering on PlayStation Network is supported by - which allows you to manage your team online away from your PS3 – and will be backed by regular downloads from PlayStation Network, including new Special Forces characters, weapons and maps.

    • Intense online combat experience with up to 32 players delivered in High Definition
    • New engine built for PS3 with advanced physics, lighting and ballistics including penetration modelling
    • Advanced player matching enable players to form teams with their friends and easily join an online game
    • Prepare yourself for battle in the Tactical Operations Centre in PlayStation Home*

    *Please note that PlayStation Home is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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    Become one of the elite in SOCOM: Confrontation

    Team up with friends across the world for the ultimate tactical online experience on PlayStation 3 in SOCOM: Confrontation. Are you the best? Prove it.

    Intense tactical battles on a global scale. That's what SOCOM: Confrontation brings to your PlayStation 3. Continuing the successful SOCOM series, Confrontation allows you to enter the world of contemporary combat with the world's elite fighting forces. And there's so much more to it than just locking and loading.

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    SOCOM: Confrontation pitches you into warfare where hostile action and tactics are paramount. You start off with the ability to customise your player and give yourself as much individuality on the field as possible. With your commando and mercenary models on display, you can modify your uniform, face type, hair, skin, headwear, even the style of communication device you sport.

    There's a great amount of choice for your weaponry as well, with a selection of primary and secondary weaponry (such as pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles, machine guns and shotguns) as well as other gear including frags, smoke, Rocket Propelled Grenades and C4.

    All of these items have their own ratings for firepower, clip length, encumbrance and more, so picking the right equipment that suits your style is essential - because Confrontation is about giving you a dose of the high impact realism of tense firefights, where every move can mean the difference between life and death.

    Strong arms

    Once you're happy with your man, you can enter the breach. SOCOM: Confrontation supports up to 32 players online, so grabbing as many of your nearest and dearest can bring you all together for brilliant battles of tactical excellence, especially if you have a Wireless Headset to communicate orders and strategy with your teammates. There's also the ability to use preset text commands if you prefer.

    Don't worry if you've not got anyone to join you in your assault - Confrontation has an able matchmaking system for quick and easy set-ups which allow for joining games with people of similar ability thanks to the game's statistics tracking (based on how many games you've played, your successes and other factors). So forming a team and creating a tournament is trouble-free.

    With that all set, all that's left is to pick a side and take to the battlefield with your new (or tried and trusted) squad. And that's where the real fun begins, complete with bullets, banter and blistering strategic battles that takes you into the heat of the action.

    "Tactics not lunatics..."

    With a variety of maps to fight in, SOCOM: Confrontation offers up to seven game types in each to keep your trigger finger active and your senses on point. You can be rescuing hostages in a war-torn city. Or escorting VIPs through a dusky desert area. Or maybe defusing bombs in an industrial plant.

    Each task (which has you combating the rival team who aim to counter or eliminate your objective) requires a skill set and measure of thought, which makes running in with guns blazing a dangerous risk.

    So it's teamwork that saves the day. And with the factors of co-operation and communication, Confrontation's emphasis on watching your fellows' backs makes for entertaining and engaging gameplay. Do you try and anticipate your enemies' assault with an ambush? What if they're waiting at the rescue drop point for the hostages? Is there someone near the bomb you need to defuse?

    Fire and never forget

    Do you have the nerve to prove your keen tactical mind and itchy trigger finger against the world? SOCOM: Confrontation gives you that chance and places you in a battle you'll never forget - whether it's with old friends or making new buddies.

    Fire yourself into the line of duty, and remember - walk softly, watch your flanks and treat your teammates with respect and reverence... they could be the only thing between you and a rather premature end to any Confrontation.

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