Only you can save the planet from certain destruction in this pulsating augmented reality experience.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: XDev Studio Europe
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    • Place mirrors, splitters and colour changers to power up your rocket and save Earth - and your desk - from destruction.
    • Use your AR Play Cards and rear camera to launch missiles from any flat surface towards the deadly meteors above you.
    • Connect the laser beams to hit the high scores and open up five increasingly tricky stages - each with five challenging levels.

    Note: PulzAR requires all six AR Play Cards to play. Download a free set of AR Play Cards from eu.playstation.com/psvita-ar.

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    Changing your reality

    Saving the world becomes even more personal with PulzAR on PlayStation Vita. And in this thrilling augmented reality experience it's important to make sure your surroundings look the part.

    Your first step is to grab all six of your AR Play Cards, downloadable from eu.playstation.com/psvita-ar-cards on your PC. Make sure you have a flat surface such as a desk or floor in a well lit area. Place one AR Play Card down on the middle of your chosen surface; this will create the PulzAR missile testing facility which you can see on your touchscreen via the rear camera. And by panning your PS Vita system upwards, you'll also lock eyes on the danger which awaits you - a massive asteroid threatening to destroy the facility and everything around it.

    As the clock ticks, mini meteors rain down, creating cracks and craters in your chosen environment. It's both an impressive and intimidating sight, crafting a powerful sense of urgency as you see the real world around you affected by your actions - or lack of them.

    While the use of augmented reality increases the tension it also allows you to customise the visuals of PulzAR. If you fancy a change of scenery, simply go on a journey with your PS Vita and the AR Play Cards, and play in another area. The world is your playground - see it in an entirely new light with augmented reality and PulzAR, available to download from PlayStation Store.

    PulzAR screenshot

    Keep your finger on the pulse

    Do you have the smarts to save the Earth? Prove it with PulzAR on PlayStation Vita, a refreshingly different type of augmented reality game. Your task is to spare everyone from the crushing fate of a falling asteroid by directing a sequence of lasers into Power Beacons to launch the anti-meteor missiles.

    Using all your six AR Play Cards, strategically place each card on your chosen surface to create tools which guide the lasers home. While early levels challenge you to arrange the mirror-like reflectors and angle the lasers to a new destination, the puzzles soon become more complex over the five main difficulty stages.

    Power Beacons only work with the appropriate laser, meaning you have to use filters to change the colour of your beams. And as the layouts become more complicated, splitters are introduced to let you divide the laser two ways. With only a limited number of tools available to you per level and the clock ticking down to destruction, mistakes can be earth-shattering.

    Luckily, you can replay each stage as many times as you need. And if you want a little extra help, take advantage of the unique possibilities augmented reality gaming on PS Vita allows. Place your first AR Play Card on a lower surface to where you're sitting - this presents a bird's-eye view of the puzzle making it easier to work out what your next move should be.

    If you need even more incentive than saving the world, you can also post your high scores on to the global leaderboards via PlayStation Network to compare your efforts against the most heroic PulzAR players. How will you fare under the pulsating pressure of this unique augmented reality experience?

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    • Rear Camera

      Rear Camera

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