Pottermore™ at PlayStation®Home

  • PS3

Step inside a brand new Pottermore experience on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: London Studios
    Pottermore Home Hogwarts Library featured image
    • Experience more from the world of Harry Potter™ with Pottermore at PlayStation Home.
    • Visit Diagon Alley™ where you can experience the mayhem of Book Herding, and board the Hogwarts™ Express to take part in an illicit Wizard's Duel or challenge your friends to a Pottermore quiz.
    • Explore the Hogwarts Library and take part in the Reading game, venture to the Forbidden Forest to enter the Broomstick Race and pit your wits against fellow students in Wizard Chess, found in the chessboard chamber.
    • Access additional content by linking your online ID with your account on Pottermore.com - the free interactive website from J.K. Rowling.
    • Then enter the Great Hall and view your very own Sorting Ceremony, discover your Hogwarts house common room and beat the clock in the Charms mini-game.
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    Explore Pottermore at PlayStation Home

    Pottermore™ at PlayStation®Home features four spectacular new areas to explore on PlayStation 3.

    The visuals are enchanting. As you wander down Diagon Alley™ you’ll be thrilled by the many details that can be found, from bubbling cauldrons to cobbled streets. Take in the packed window displays and shop for robes or a companion for your avatar. Then board the Hogwarts™ Express as it speeds through the countryside, and enjoy a Pottermore quiz, or challenge your fellow students to an illicit Wizard’s Duel.

    Once you’ve visited Pottermore.com to discover which Hogwarts house you belong to, and linked your Pottermore.com account to your PSN ID, you’ll be able to access additional content and spaces inside Pottermore at PlayStation Home. You’ll be able to enter the Great Hall to view your own Sorting Ceremony beneath the enchanted ceiling and floating candles, and relax with friends in your Hogwarts house common room.

    With music and sound effects that bring the places you visit vividly to life you really do feel as though you have stepped right into Harry Potter™’s world.


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    Magical mini-games

    Within Pottermore at PlayStation Home you’ll discover a variety of exciting mini-games. Hone your wizarding skills with a Wizard’s Duel, or put your Harry Potter knowledge to the test in a Pottermore quiz. These mini-games are challenging and fun, and a great way to interact with other Pottermore at PlayStation Home users.

    Book Herding:Stray into a square off Diagon Alley and you’ll find yourself confronted by an array of lively volumes on the loose. The aim is to trap all your escaped books before the other players do, and employ various strategies to outwit your opponents – such as using Dungbombs to deter other users.

    Wizard’s Duel: At one end of the Hogwarts Express, students are covertly practising their duelling skills in a carriage guarded by a watchful student. Target your rival with spell after spell, and learn to block their attacks to emerge victorious. Every so often you and your opponent may be perfectly matched, resulting in an exciting “battle of wills” that demands rapid reflexes to turn the duel in your favour.

    Pottermore Quiz: For true Harry Potter enthusiasts, there’s no more exhilarating challenge than a quiz – and you’ll find one waiting in certain carriages of the Hogwarts Express. Some of the questions require intricate knowledge of the world of Harry Potter to answer, and some answers can only be found on Pottermore.com, so why not pay a visit to the free interactive website to find the information you need?

    Pottermore Trading Cards: Keep your eyes peeled for a hundred or so Pottermore Trading Cards hidden throughout Pottermore at PlayStation Home. Yours to gather, trade and perhaps earn in mini-games, you can view your collection at any Pottermore Trading Card table.

    Charms: Master the Levitation Charm, Wingardium Leviosa, to guide a feather through maze after maze of enchanted obstacles and land it softly at the end of the level. Beat the clock and boost your score for the chance to earn Pottermore Trading Cards.

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