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Clash on the battlefields of tomorrow.

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  • PS4
PlayStation Plus required for online play
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

    Your watch begins

    Shoot for peace

    Game characters

    Your watch begins

    Shoot for peace

    Soldiers, scientists, adventurers and oddities – welcome to the war-torn world of Overwatch. Bend time, defy physics and unleash a dizzying array of extraordinary powers and weapons in a rapid-fire team-based shooter.

    Choose from a unique variety of heroes, ranging from a time-jumping adventurer and rocket-hammer wielding warrior, to a transcendent robot monk. Whether you're engaging in combat on the front line, providing defensive cover with your energy shield, or supporting your allies by amplifying their damage, every hero's abilities are designed to be effective as part of a team.

    Get out there and protect the secrets of the mysterious Temple of Anubis, safely escort an EMP device through King's Row and more – the world is your battlefield.

    • 720p


    • 1080i


    • 1080p


    • Vibration Function

      Vibration Function

    • Players

      1 Players

    • Network Players

      2-12 Network Players

    • No Offline Mode

      No Offline Mode


    Tips and tricks

    What we learned from playing Overwatch

    Take a look at our hints, tips and tricks learned from playing the Overwatch open beta.


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    PlayStation Plus

    “We can be heroes…”

    Don’t just watch your pals play – jump onto the battlefield and take the fight to them when you get online with PlayStation Plus. 

    Buy Overwatch on PS4.

    Buy Overwatch on PS4.

    PlayStation Plus required for online play


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