Bust open deviously designed boxes with your PlayStation Vita system.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Japan Studio
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    • Crack open a series of seemingly impenetrable cubes using augmented reality technology.
    • Master more than 50 conundrums, ranging from simple designs to intricate, ingeniously secured containers.
    • Double your brainpower when you team up with a friend via PlayStation Network to leave no box unlocked.

    Download the OPEN ME! AR Marker for free from here (PC only).

      Open Me screenshot

      Box fresh

      OPEN ME! is a puzzle-packed triumph, marrying striking originality and advanced technology in a brain-busting experience that’s fresh, colourful and utterly good fun.

      The game’s visuals are bold, bright and bouncy, with each augmented reality box rendered in crisp, quirky 3D. The various ingenious locking mechanisms and hidden hazards designed to keep prying eyes out of each container are similarly well defined, enabling you to physically interact with each box as if it were a real object sitting on your kitchen table or living room carpet.

      For static items, the boxes are beautifully animated, reacting in a lifelike way to the movements of the PS Vita system’s rear camera. You can explore the containers visually, by walking around them, and physically, using the PS Vita system’s touchscreen controls – and it’s all so easy to get to grips with that it soon becomes second nature.

      What’s more, the boxes have character. You’ll get to know them as unique individuals, with their own personalities and singular (sometimes shocking) responses – a feeling only heightened by the high energy electronic soundtrack, which lends the game the feel of a marvellously manic Japanese game show.

      Open Me screenshot

      Total lockdown

      OPEN ME! is all about boxes: wooden boxes, metal boxes, boxes adorned with hinges and locks and sliding joints… even, in one instance, a box protected by a swivelling security camera. But of course, OPEN ME! isn’t actually about boxes: it’s about the stuff hidden inside them.

      Your mission is to open every box the game (and other players) can throw at you – and if that sounds straightforward, prepare to be surprised. The game uses the PS Vita system’s rear camera and augmented reality technology to conjure up containers on any flat surface you choose – and while the first box may be a humble wooden trunk with a lid that's easy to flip up, revealing a tidy chunk of cash inside, the complexity of the containers quickly increases thereafter.

      Electronic locks, levers, pressure points and buttons combine to make opening most of the boxes a task for the skilled and the dedicated. The AR effect is brilliantly convincing, allowing you to walk your PS Vita system around each container, viewing its baffling exterior up close and from every angle, testing its surface using intuitive touchscreen controls. Few of the vessels in Open Me! wear their secrets in sight, while many hide bruising booby traps to ward off the unwary, but the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. After some serious head-scratching, it’s a joyous feeling when you discover a new clue or a clever way around a container’s defences.

      Crack its unique code and the box in front of you will fly open, letting you grab the prize inside – and some valuable Open Points to boot. These points help to propel you up the online rankings, making friends and fellow fans green with envy… that is, unless they’ve already mastered a few box-cracking tricks of their own.

      Open Me screenshot

      Fun, squared

      While the single player mode is great fun, OPEN ME! really comes into its own when enjoyed alongside fellow fans.

      The main multiplayer mode lets you team up with another player to unlock boxes together. Co-operation is key, as many of the most puzzling containers require a co-ordinated effort to overcome their defences – but the element of competition never truly disappears, and the race to solve the next conundrum before your best mate only adds to the excitement. Multiplayer mode can be enjoyed via both Ad Hoc Mode and via PlayStation Network – as can Challenge Boxes

      If you want to send your pals away scratching their heads or think you can beat the best and baddest puzzles the PlayStation Community has to offer, you can create your own awesome Challenge Box. Devise the most testing vessel you can, equip it with fiendish booby traps and send it out into the world for others to attempt to open – every time they injure a virtual finger trying (and failing) to solve your puzzle, you earn more Open Points. But beware – your in-game inbox will soon fill up with Challenge Boxes constructed by other people. Overcome them and you’ll be smiling as you hurtle up the leader board; fail to do so, and your friends will be the ones laughing…

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