No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

  • PS3

Help Travis Touchdown hack and slash his way through the ranks of the United Assassins Association with PlayStation Move.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: MMV
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    • Journey through the sunny city of Santa Destroy, battling to eliminate some of the world's deadliest assassins.
    • Move up through the ranks by defeating higher ranked foes and completing deadly missions.
    • Use PlayStation Move to execute a wide range of physical assaults and katana attacks as you battle with and defeat enemies.
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    Number one

    In No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise on PlayStation 3, you play as Travis Touchdown, a wrestling and anime cartoon obsessive who buys a special beam katana in an Internet auction.

    After purchasing this deadly device, Travis meets with the mysterious Sylvia Christel and is offered a way to earn a huge sum of money and become a superstar in the underworld of the fictional city of Santa Destroy, California. His task: kill the assassin, Helter Skelter.

    In exchange Travis will not only be rich, he'll also be placed 11th on the rankings of the United Assassin's Association (UAA), a governing body of hit men. After taking out Helter Skelter, Travis realises that by wiping out the remaining ranked assassins he'll be number one in the world and the richest killer the UAA has ever known, so he quickly embarks on a bloody mission to wipe out the ten remaining killers.

    Do you think you have what it takes to make it to the top? Grab your PlayStation Move motion controller or wireless controller and start slaying The Ten!

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    Travis and friends

    No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise features a zany cast of characters including the main character, Travis Touchdown, a self trained wrestler, martial artist and assassin. Throughout your journey you'll also meet some of Travis' friends including Thunder Ryu, a man who offers to mentor Travis in order to improve his fighting skills. He operates a gym in Santa Destroy and can help you increase your health and combo attack ability for just a small fee.

    Keep an eye out for the sultry Naomi too, she's incredibly adept at beam katana technology and could show you how to build a more powerful weapon for battling tougher enemies. She can also upgrade your existing beam katana.

    If you want to add some new moves to your wrestling arsenal then be sure to pay a visit to Randall Lovikiv, the hard drinking Russian. The only way to pay him for your upgrades is by searching the streets of Santa Destroy for small, strange orbs that you'll find scattered throughout the map.

    Pick up a copy of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise on PlayStation 3 and take on the world's greatest assassins.

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    Move like an assassin

    In No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise you can control Travis using either a wireless controller or a PlayStation Move motion controller, depending on your preference. Getting to grips with both sets of controls is simple, and once you've played through the tutorial at the start of the game, you'll soon be delivering death blows to the world's greatest assassins.

    When using your PlayStation Move motion controller you can perform a series of attacks including a high slash, low slash and charged slash. To perform a high slash simply tilt the motion controller up. Low slashes are performed by tilting it down while a heavy, charged slash can be pulled off by tilting the motion controller up or down and then holding the Move button for a few moments before releasing it.

    Charged slashes are perfect for taking out multiple enemies at once, so use them as much as you can. During combat the energy on your beam katana will run out so you'll have to charge it by holding the motion controller vertically and then shaking it up and down.

    There are plenty of batteries that can be collected around each of the levels to power up your beam katana, but always be sure to check how much power you have left before taking on any number of enemies.

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