Mine valuable resources, craft new items and trade within a lucrative galactic economy.

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Tricks of the trade

Resources, trading and upgrades

In the living universe of No Man’s Sky, trade routes criss-cross every solar system, bringing valuable elements to planets and their orbiting space stations for those with the Units to buy them.

Becoming part of this thriving galactic economy will be vital to your success as a Traveller.

Elements are key to building the technologies you need to upgrade your ship, suit and weapons, which in turn will allow you to explore less hospitable planets and reach ever further towards the centre of the galaxy.


Subterranean treasures


Your multi-tool is your means of getting to a planet’s natural resources.

Find a rich seam of the element you need, and you can mine the assets required to upgrade your multi-tool, ship or suit. Or, amass a surplus in your inventory that you can trade with merchants that you’ll encounter.

However, be careful of the ever-watchful eye of the Sentinels as over-mining elements is frowned upon. So take only what you need… or prepare to face the consequences.

Get the best prices

Trading and crafting

Succeeding as a trader means selling for the best prices and having the finest resources to sell on to other merchants.

Elements that are common on one planet may be highly sought after on another, or can be combined to make Products; some useful and some valuable.

There’s a lucrative galactic trade in dealing in elements, and by forging a good relationship with the alien races you encounter, you can become rich and powerful from supplying their needs.


The nature of business

Alien languages

Trading with the universe’s alien inhabitants can be tricky when you don’t speak the same language.

Fortunately, through your interactions with the races – plus some mysterious alien artifacts – your grasp of their language will increase over time.

Knowledge of these languages lets you better communicate and earn the trust of the races that you encounter, in turn increasing your chances of a successful trade.

Buy No Man's Sky on PS4.

Buy No Man's Sky on PS4.