Face the dangers of an unknown galaxy, from the surface of unique planets, all the way to the stars.

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Tread carefully

The perils of the galaxy

Your journey through the vastness of the galaxy will take you through solar systems teeming with life – but not all of it will be friendly.

In the vacuum of space, pirates roam in deadly ships and Sentinels patrol between planets, keeping the natural order.

Meanwhile, unknown dangers can lurk on any planet’s surface in the form of aggressive creatures ready to prey on the unwary.


Keepers of the peace


Throughout space and on each planet’s surface, the Sentinels keep watch over the galaxy, enforcing a galactic equilibrium and responding swiftly to anyone who upsets the balance of order.

Behave aggressively to the local wildlife or over-mine a planet’s resources and you’ll gain a wanted level, making you a fugitive from the Sentinel’s unquestionable justice.

Increase your wanted level, and tougher Sentinels will be deployed against you – from flying drones to towering walkers and even vast dropships.


Have gun, will travel

The multi-tool

Your trusted multi-tool is a versatile gadget that can be upgraded and adapted with the appropriate technology to match the type of explorer you want to be.

As well as being a powerful tool for mining resources, it can also act as a weapon that, over time, can be upgraded and enhanced to become a deadly sidearm.

Tackling Sentinels or large creatures with your stock multi-tool may not be wise, but with the right technology, you can take on whatever the galaxy throws at you.


Take flight

Your ship

As you journey deeper into the galaxy, you’ll have opportunities to customise your ship with different technologies to suit your playing style. Equip stronger lasers to help with mining asteroids or upgrade your ship’s drives to help you traverse the vast reaches of space quicker.

By collecting elements and trading with those you encounter, you can improve your ship’s weaponry and defences to improve your chances when fighting foes head-on.

You could become a protector of trade routes to fight off pirates, or you could turn to piracy yourself, scavenging precious cargo from gigantic freighters – and fighting off the Sentinels that come after you.

Buy No Man's Sky on PS4.

Buy No Man's Sky on PS4.