Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes™

  • PS3

Only the courage of heroes can stand against the chaos.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Capybara Games
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    • Live the epic adventure of five young heroes leading their armies to save the world of Might & Magic.
    • Discover a unique mix of RPG and puzzle battle mechanics.
    • Experience brand new online battle modes for up to four players via PlayStation Network.
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    The colour of magic

    Absorbing puzzle warfare and deeply layered role playing are brought together in the rainbow fantasy world of Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes on PlayStation 3. Riotous colour and hand drawn lands teeming with everything from flaming demons to giant warrior trees make this one of the most memorable titles you can download from PlayStation Store.

    Lose yourself in the captivating story of a band of young soldiers and wizards battling to overcome a demonic overlord and his crazed pursuit of the all-powerful Blade of Binding. Five distinct worlds form a bewitching backdrop to the adventure, a living storybook for you to explore.    

    The brightest sights and darkest corners of the world of Ashan await, in spectacular High Definition: thick, emerald forests in the elf land of Irollan; the Griffin Empire, patrolled by proud knights; a heavenly kingdom in the clouds known as the Silver City; the grim wastelands of Heresh; and the dank, infested prison, Sheogh.   

    No matter where you turn, this intricately crafted game never fails to delight. Its characters crackle and zing with witty dialogue and fluid animation, and thoughtful visual touches – pixie dust twinkling in the light, falling trees revealing new pathways – blend perfectly with a unique brand of mind-bending strategy.

    Clash Of Heroes screenshot

    Heroes will rise

    Wily commanders and baying hordes lie in wait at every step of your quest in Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes – and your utter defeat is their only aim. Thrust yourself into a tense game of cat and mouse, and you might just survive.  

    The battlefield is split in two: the enemy above, and your forces ranged against them below. Smash through the defensive line and whittle down your opponent’s health before they can do the same to you, and your overall power increases thanks to the experience points you gain.  

    Elegant mix and match formations and ingenious strategies soon become second nature. Line up three, like-coloured units to form barriers or powerful attack squads, then watch them charge up with each turn and land a telling blow on the enemy.  

    Before you know it, you’re thwarting the forces of evil with a speed and grace you wouldn’t have thought possible just an hour previously. New recruits offer faster, heavier attacks, while Hero Spells that allow you one-off attacks and mighty Champion units are introduced seamlessly.

    Five separate campaigns and a world littered with treasure and side quests make this one of the most rewarding games on PlayStation Store. Chaos is truly compelling in Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes on PS3.

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    A clash of minds

    Discover powerful new artefacts by taking the struggle against the underworld online. Five special items have been scattered throughout the world of Ashan, and by taking on the best Might & Magic Clash Of Heroes masterminds via PlayStation Network, you can win these prized secrets for your own warriors.

    Another example of the creativity of Capybara Games, the team behind this epic, these objects can be used to boost your chances against some of the most ruthless players around. If you want to claw your way to the top of the ultra-competitive leader boards, you must test yourself against the sharpest tacticians on PlayStation Network in gripping one-on-one showdowns.

    Push yourself even further by taking part in the Co-op Battle mode against another pair, either on one PS3 system or online via PlayStation Network. In these intense scenarios you’ll learn how to work together to share resources and suck opponents into your trap.

    With a friend by your side, might and magic become two decisive elements of one battle strategy on PlayStation Network.  

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