Midway Arcade Treasures

Veteran US publisher Midway lifts the lid on a chest full of gleaming gaming classics of yesteryear

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: Midway
  • Developer: Digital Eclipse Software

    You'll struggle to find a games company with a richer arcade heritage than Midway. Having been responsible for more coin-op classics than you could shake an arcade stick at, the publisher has decided to delve deep into its vaults for a new compendium of old school gems. Featuring no less than two dozen of yesteryear's finest - some of them dating back as much as 20 years - Midway Arcade Treasures is an essential slice of nostalgia for gamers who are old enough to remember, and a great history lesson for those who aren't.

    The full 24 games on offer are as follows: SpyHunter, Defender, Gauntlet, Joust, Paperboy, Rampage, Marble Madness, Robotron 2084, Smash TV, Joust 2, Bubbles, RoadBlasters, Stargate, Moon Patrol, Blaster, Rampart, Sinistar, Super Sprint, 720, Toobin', KLAX, SPLAT!, Satan's Hollow and Vindicators. A pretty massive and wide-ranging selection, we think you'll agree. Sure, graphically, they're a world apart from what you're used to on PS2 but, as the vast majority of these inherently playable beauties testify, gameplay is king. Add in a load of DVD-style extras such as game histories, interviews with the creators and original music and you have a sure fire retro winner on your hands.


    • 24 arcade classics spanning a huge range of gameplay styles, all on a single disc

    • Games featured include SpyHunter, Joust, Smash TV, Gauntlet and 720

    • Get behind the scenes with a wealth of DVD-style extras, including interviews, game histories and music


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      1-2 Players

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      1-2 Player Types


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