Mickey's Wild Adventure

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Join Mickey Mouse on a spectacular journey through some of the highlights of his trailblazing film career.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: TBC
  • Publisher: Disney Interactive
  • Developer: Traveller's Tales
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  • Step back in time as international superstar Mickey Mouse goes back to his roots.
  • Relive classic cartoons including Steamboat Willie, The Mad Doctor and Mickey and the Beanstalk.
  • Solve puzzles, outrun enemies and sing along to some classic Disney tunes in this colourful platform adventure.
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A trip down memory lane

The joyful antics of Mickey Mouse have been reimagined in Mickey's Wild Adventure. The game's design is influenced by legendary Mickey Mouse cartoons including The Mad Doctor, Moose Hunters and The Prince and The Pauper.

Even those too young to remember these classic tales will be enchanted by the cast of colourful characters and Mickey's gleeful movements as he skips through the captivating landscapes with his faithful dog Pluto. From the black and white decks of Steamboat Willie to the rotating platforms of Lonesome Ghosts, different environments spring to life as you proceed and each one is packed with a variety of eye-catching Disney animations for you to explore.

Mickey's Wild Adventure on PS one was the first title that legendary game designer David Jaffe worked on - so players are in for a treat. Download it from PlayStation Store and take a delightful trip down memory lane with one of the world's most iconic cartoon characters.

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Mickey’s back

Mickey's Wild Adventure features the world's favourite mouse as he relives some of his most famous cartoon antics. Originally released on PS one, the game is based on classic Mickey Mouse films released between 1928 and 1990.

This high-energy side-scrolling platformer begins in a world based on Mickey's debut cartoon - Steamboat Willie. You must manoeuvre him over platforms and buildings, while collecting floating marbles and avoiding enemies. Some of the bad guys can be taken down with a hurled marble or two, while others require being jumped on to stop their nasty ways.

Some enemies can also be pretty useful. Take Pete, for example, the angry captain from Steamboat Willie. Jump on him to knock him out, and you'll be able to use his belly as a trampoline to reach higher platforms and those all-important marbles.

Other foes such as the Lonesome Ghosts or stampeding moose can't be attacked - so you'll simply have to outrun them. In some levels your cheerful buddy Pluto will turn up, just for moral support - he can't help you outwit any enemies or collect marbles, but he's great to watch as he bounds along by your side.

You can get your paws on Mickey's Wild Adventure in the PS one Classics section of PlayStation Store now and download it to both your PlayStation 3 and PSP.

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