Michael Jackson The Experience

  • Also on PS3

Moonwalk and jive along to Michael Jackson’s music videos on the go.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Music and Rhythm
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Also on PS3
Michael Jackson The Experience PS Vita screenshot
  • Draw a series of shapes on-screen with your fingers according to the beat and the choreographies.
  • Rediscover environments from 15 of MJ's classic music videos in superb graphics.
  • Dance your way to glory, pull off flawless performances and take on a variety of challenges.
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Moonwalk on the move

Michael Jackson The Experience is the perfect PS Vita game for any MJ fan - it's packed with 15 of his most famous tracks, there's a ton of memorable locations and, most importantly, you can control Michael and his jaw-dropping dance moves.

Each song begins with a scene from the original video to get you in the mood, and each has been faithfully recreated, whether it's the zombie-infested graveyard from Thriller or the derelict underground station from Bad. With each swipe, flick or tap of the PS Vita system's touchscreen, Jacko will bust one of his stellar moves in style. Listen to the beat to help you groove your way to huge combos and unlock amazing effects to make each performance even more spectacular.

Points earned in each song can also gain Jacko goodies to make your experience even more authentic. Costumes - including a selection of colourful gloves - and statues are available to unlock if you've got the moves. Keep Michael moving and, remember, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough of those rewards.

Michael Jackson The Experience PS Vita screenshot

Perfect his performance on the go

Have you ever been out in public, heard one of your favourite tunes and found it hard to stop yourself busting some funky moves? Your problems are solved. No longer will you be restricted to tapping your feet or humming along quietly - Michael Jackson The Experience has arrived on PlayStation Vita.

Packed with 15 of his greatest songs, this music-based hit offers you all of the glitz and glamour that the King of Pop is so famous for, and gives you the chance to take those epic performances anywhere you like.

You can experience MJ's music and moves like never before using the unique controls of PS Vita. Keep Michael moving by following on-screen prompts as they flash up on the touchscreen. Swipe, tap and slide your fingers over various arrows to trigger those signature shapes and routines that we all know and love. Using the rhythm of tunes such as Black Or White and Rock With You will help you to earn some big bonuses to unlock extra items. Special effects, outfits and spectacular dance moves could be coming your way if you can rack up a combo and give a performance that Jacko would be proud of.

During instrumental moments, tilt your PS Vita and Michael will explode into action and throw some awesome shapes, or slide your fingers over the rear touch pad and watch him groove around the scene in style. Keep to the beat and you'll be a Smooth Criminal in no time.


Michael Jackson The Experience PS Vita screenshot

Battle to the beat

The King of Pop may have sung hits such as Beat It and Leave Me Alone, but that doesn't mean two of you can't enjoy Michael Jackson The Experience on PS Vita.

Get together with one of your friends who also owns the game, and then connect both PS Vita systems via Ad Hoc Mode. You'll be able to battle it out at the same time and see who can score the most points in any of the tracks available. Go head-to-head in iconic MJ music videos including Speed Demon, Remember The Time and Ghosts.

Whether you're a huge MJ fan or just love rhythm-based games, this is the perfect way to groove on the move.

  • Players

    1 Players

  • Rear Touch Pad

    Rear Touch Pad

  • Front Touchscreen

    Front Touchscreen

  • Memory Card Required

    Memory Card Required

  • Motion Sensor

    Motion Sensor


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