Touch down with Melbits

Join up to three friends in the digital world to solve puzzles, navigate mazes and restore balance to the internet.


Melbits World

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle / Party / Platform
  • Publisher: Melbot Studios
  • Developer: Melbot Studios

    Join forces with friends to help Melbits protect the digital world

    Melbits World is a cute, collaborative puzzle-platformer designed specifically for PlayLink in which rhythm and coordination are the key to success.

    Collect and guide digital creatures through a series of fiendish levels by teaming up with friends to control platforms, obstacles and traps, while dodging evil viruses, gathering seeds and spreading good vibes across the internet.

    Melbits World encourages you and your friends to combine your skills to overcome each level. Every player controls a different part of the action, meaning you'll have to work together to keep all Melbits safe.

    But what's a Melbit, you ask? Melbits are cheerful creatures that live inside online devices: phones, tablets, PCs, consoles. Their misssion? To maintain the internet’s good vibes, by neutralising the evil viruses that infect all things digital.


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