Medal of Honor: European Assault

EA's best-selling, WWII-set first-person shooter series leads another charge onto PlayStation 2.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter / Action
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts

    The gritty and popular Medal of Honor series launches a new offensive with the writing talent of John Milius (Apocalypse Now) in command. A military history fan, Milius brings together a vast knowledge of the WWII era with an action packed and original storyline.

    Taking on the role of US Army Lieutenant William Holt, selected to head up the newly formed OSS (Office of Strategic Services), players are parachuted into the horror of war-torn Europe. Classified missions, crucial to the liberation of Europe, add dramatic tension to this practiced first-person shooter, immersing you in the bloody conflict that shaped the world.

    Based on actual European WWII locations, the realism of MoH: European Assault is unsurpassed, featuring weapons and vehicles accurate to the time. Attention to detail on this scale, when combined with eyewitness expertise and Hollywood writing talent, makes for a gritty depiction of war that cannot fail to impress.

    Adrenaline pumping action creates a continued sense of urgency, while the ability to forge your own path based on the decisions you make on the battlefield keep the game's appeal fresh. Gathering field intelligence from enemy commanders is vital to the progression of the story and provides an advantage in future missions as you undertake real time objectives.

    Multiplayer games take the intensity to new heights with eight modes, including capture the flag, spread across 15 conflict zones.

    • Rich and immersive WWII FPS
    • Original storyline from Hollywood writer John Milius
    • Incredible detail based on real locations, weapons and eyewitness accounts
    • Create your own path through battlefield decisions
    • Responsive squad commands

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