Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

  • PS3

Iconic Marvel and Capcom characters join forces once again in a spectacular team fighting game for a new generation of followers.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
    Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds Featured Image
    • Build your own perfect fighting team as you assign Assist Attacks to each character and utilise their special moves to create a unique fighting style.
    • Play as Marvel's Deadpool and Capcom's Dante for the first time in a beat 'em up game, along with classic characters such as Iron Man and Captain America.
    • Enjoy beautiful backgrounds and character animations that bring the Marvel and Capcom universes to life.
    Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds Featured Image

    When worlds collide

    Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds on PlayStation 3 features a bulging roster of classic comic book and game characters from the worlds of both Marvel and Capcom. You’ll be able to face off against some of the world’s mightiest warriors as Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ryu and Chun-Li, the last two from the acclaimed Street Fighter series. There are also appearances from the likes of Devil May Cry’s sword-swinging hero, Dante, and Chris Redfield from 2009’s survival horror blockbuster, Resident Evil 5.

    The tyrannical Doctor Doom has assembled the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe, and joined forces with the equally maniacal Albert Wesker, Resident Evil’s villain. Their goal is simple: unite both Marvel and Capcom’s worlds in an attempt to conquer and rule both.

    In doing so, the two unlikely allies have inadvertently stirred a monstrous threat from its slumber that could destroy both realities. Now it’s up to the heroes of the Marvel and Capcom universes to battle evil before it is too late.

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    Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds features a number of modes for you to delve into including offline battles, challenges and an extensive online multiplayer mode. The first thing you’ll need to do once you’ve chosen your preferred mode is pick your characters.

    There are plenty of characters to select from at the outset of the game, with more available to unlock the deeper you progress through the storyline and develop your fighting skills. You’ll find that trying different combinations of characters is useful in developing your skills, and when you find a trio that suits your fighting style, you’ll soon be unstoppable.

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 differs from other fighting games in that you have the ability to call on your teammates in the middle of a brawl to back you up. To do this, tap the L1 or R1 button and watch as your ally leaps on-screen and performs a devastating special attack. Calling on your partners at the right moment is vital to surviving battles, and can help you master eye-popping combination attacks both on the ground and in the air. Alternatively, you can switch to another character if your health is running low by holding down the L1 or R1 button. 

    At the bottom of the screen, you'll find Hyper Combo Gauge. Fill it by performing attacks and blocks and, once it begins to glow, you can pull off a powerful special move using a combination of button presses and movements with the left stick. Each character has different attacks, so it’s a good idea to hit the training room before your first fight and learn the moves. With a little bit of practice you’ll soon be dishing out knockouts in their droves.

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    World warriors

    In Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds there are five different types of online modes for you to get to grips with via PlayStation Network. The first is a Ranked Match, where you can fight in matches that affect your position on the Marvel vs Capcom 3 online leaderboards. In Player Match, you can simply fight other players without affecting your rank.

    Player Match is a great mode to start out in, and perfect for testing out new combination attacks you’ve been practising in Training Mode. The remaining modes allow you to search game lobbies and view the leaderboards to see where you stand in the world of Marvel and Capcom warriors on PlayStation Network. 

    You can also create a lobby for you and your friends to get together in and battle. Here you can edit a wealth of settings including how many players you want in your lobby, ranking levels and language, and can even rename it if you so wish.

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