Little Deviants™

Let the mayhem begin on PS Vita.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Bigbig Studios
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    • Pursued by the evil Botz, the Little Deviants have crash-landed on the Whoman world and it's up to you save them.
    • Play with the Little Deviants in crazy mini-games using the PS Vita system's touchscreen, rear touch pad, microphone and more.
    • With lots of unlocks and replay value, it will take all your guile and skill to complete the fiendish challenges.
    • Post your high scores online via PlayStation Network and challenge your friends to try and beat them.
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    Welcome to Whoman

    Little Deviants on PS Vita sees the boisterous bunch of wacky characters crash-land on the strange Whoman world, an idyllic and relaxed planet filled with quirky folk. Unfortunately for the Deviants, they are not alone - the evil Botz are hot on their heels and ready to wreak havoc.

    It's up to you to gather the Deviants (who just want to have a good time), protect the people of Whoman and use all your gaming skills to rid the world of the robot menace and their undead minions.

    Thankfully, you'll have a huge range of PS Vita features to help you in your quest, including the front and rear cameras, microphone and rear touch pad, so don't wait around - get to work and stop the dastardly villains as fast as you can.

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    The (un)usual suspects

    The Little Deviants are a colourful bunch of kooky, gooey characters that you'll get to know when playing the game on PS Vita. There are five types of Deviant for you to get to grips with, namely the Goopher, Blobber, Frostal, Pyruss and Nucleor Deviant.

    Goophers are adrenaline junkies, always looking for something fun to do and they love to be the centre of attention. Be warned though, these guys get annoyed when other Deviants hog the spotlight. Blobbers are cute, inquisitive and are always keen to help out. They have a talent for absorbing bombs, so be sure to use them when the Botz attack.

    Frostal Deviants like to take charge and get annoyed when other Deviants get out of control, while the Pyruss Deviants are emotional creatures who always try and fit in with the others. Unfortunately for them, they have a tendency to set everything on fire, so watch out.

    Last up are the Nucleor Deviants. These guys are jittery, unpredictable creatures who tend to misunderstand how the world of Whoman works, so you'll have to be careful when guiding them through it.

    Little Devinats screenshot

    Deviant features

    Little Deviants uses almost all of the PS Vita system's amazing features thanks to its huge range of fiendishly addictive and varied mini-games.

    One minute you could be using motion controls to guide a Deviant around a maze or across platforms, and the next you could be sliding your finger along the rear touch pad to shape the terrain to send your gooey friend in search of fallen stars. You'll also have to use your aiming skills to pinch the touchscreen and rear touch pad at the same time to take out marauding enemies in a boxing ring.

    In another challenge that utilises both the rear touch pad and the touchscreen, you're going to need super-fast fingers to take out opponents appearing in the windows of a rickety building. Alongside these challenges, there are fast and furious shoot outs that require you to take full advantage of the PS Vita system's augmented reality features by blasting robots out of the sky.

    Once you have completed a mini-game you can then post your score online via PlayStation Network and challenge your friends to try and beat it. With lots of unlockable content and replay value, it will take all your guile and skill to master the many fiendish challenges on offer, so be sure to keep going back for more and beating your top scores in order to stay in the lead.

    • Players

      1 Players

    • Rear Touch Pad

      Rear Touch Pad

    • Front Touchscreen

      Front Touchscreen

    • Rear Camera

      Rear Camera

    • Microphone


    • Memory Card Required

      Memory Card Required

    • Motion Sensor

      Motion Sensor


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