Hot Brain™

Fire up your brain with this series of puzzles and challenges on PSP.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle / Strategy
  • Publisher: Midway
  • Developer: TBC
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    Hot Brain engages the mind through a series of puzzles and challenges designed to raise the activity and temperature of your brain. Hot Brain offers fun mental activities that help ignite your mind in areas like logic, memory, math, language and concentration.

    The game allows you to test your skills in several single player modes or you can play with up to three people via Wireless.

    • Practice Mode lets you practice on a regular basis to stimulate the mind
    • Test Mode quizzes you on each of the five categories, score in each to set your brain on fire!
    • Brain Race is a competitive event in which 2-4 players are presented with a series of timed Challenges
    • Think Tank is a co-operative multiplayer event in which 2-4 players work together to solve Challenges
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    Hot to trot

    Mini-game madness comes to PSP with Hot Pixel

    One of the great advantages of the PSP system is that you can take it anywhere. On the train, in the car, in a waiting room, wherever you go, your PSP can go too. Trouble is, sometimes you don't have time to get involved in an engrossing story or complex game mechanics. That's where Hot Pixel comes in. Comprised of joyously entertaining bite-sized chunks of entertainment, Hot Pixel is the perfect game to play whether you're on the move or at home.

    Pick up and play

    To put it simply, Hot Pixel is a collection of super-short mini-games. In the words of the game you have to "get what to do... find how to do it... finally perform!" Half the challenge is initially working out what you have to do in the game. Once you've figured it out you have to do it as quickly as possible to avoid failure. You're given three lives. Fail more than three times and you lose, but pass enough challenges and you unlock even more games to test your reflexes and skill.

    These challenges couldn't be easier to pick up and play. Despite the wacky content - rescuing people from burning buildings with a pedal-powered helicopter, tattooing Space Invaders on someone's neck or scratching vinyl back and forth, each game is controlled by pressing the directional buttons or the X button. It's very intuitive, meaning you'll be spending your time enjoying the game and working out what to do rather than having to worry about the controls.

    There are 10 sections, each with 10 games to challenge you and there are over 200 games in total. As soon as you clear a section, these games are opened up for you to practice to your heart's content, as well as at increased difficulty levels. You can also group games together using the Smart Playlist, which lets you create groups of your favourite games, or even a collection of the ones you struggle with most to let you get in some much needed practice.

    Game for a laugh

    The last game in each section is a boss battle, which lasts for a longer period of time than the previous mini-games. A lot of these are based on classic Atari games like Breakout and Space Invaders. While the games are grouped together in themes, the order is random, so you never know what you're going to get next, and the sheer number of games involved means that new ones are constantly being thrown into the mix with ones you may have already completed. Once you have mastered them any of the games can be played with friends in either turn-based or online multiplayer.

    The game looks great, with a unique visual style based around urban settings and graffiti, and is shot through with humour, exemplified by intro movies featuring a character named Djon, a nerdy, accident-prone skater. The music is good too, and ties into the game's urban theme nicely, complementing the action with drum n' bass beats and spot-on sound effects.

    Hot Pixel is a must-have title for PSP. The pick up and play nature of the games makes it perfect for playing on the move, but the depth of the extra features, the multiplayer game and the soon-to-come downloadable content means you'll be coming back to it again and again.


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