Begin your hunt

Fuse primitive gear with advanced technology to craft devices that turn predators to prey. 


A hunter at heart

Use stealth and agility to outsmart your opponents; and lay traps to catch them off-guard. Then utilise modifiable weapons to move in and bring down your quarry.

Technology of the Old Ones

The Focus is an artefact from the old world – a wearable computer and augmented reality system that you can use to:

  • Identify important quest-related items.
  • Pinpoint and highlight tracks or Machine patrol paths.
  • Inspect Machines, and display their individual components and elemental weaknesses.

The craft of survival

You can craft most of the ammo and supplies you need from resources you discover in the world, or loot from downed enemies. Make sure you don’t enter a battle unprepared – craft traps, arrows and pouch upgrades on the go. 


Prepare for the hunt

Merchants will offer Aloy a wide range of goods, varying from resources to craft items, as well as new gear. Trade in your metal shards and resources for special weapons and outfits to protect you from the dangers you'll encounter.

Most weapon types come in three variants – Nora, Carja, and Shadow Carja. These variants affect which types of ammo the weapon can fire, and the number of modification slots available.

Weapons can have up to three modification slots to improve their existing statistics, or add new ones. Modification items such as Weapon Coils can be found as loot, or purchased from merchants.

The Hunter Bow is a lightweight, low-powered bow capable of firing regular arrows, fire arrows and hardpoint arrows. It is particularly effective against unarmoured humans and animals.

The Sling is a short range weapon with a lower fire rate, suitable for launching projectiles that break on impact and spread damage across a wide area of the target.

The Ropecaster is ideal for temporarily slowing down or immobilizing targets. The arrow on one end of the rope is fired at the target, while the arrow on the other end is fired into the ground.

The many outfits available to buy can be used to protect Aloy against different sources of damage. Most outfits have light, medium and heavy variants, affecting the level of protection and the number of modification slots available – the latter of which can be used to improve existing stats, or even add new ones. Modifications items such as Outfit Weaves can be found as loot, or purchased from merchants.