Explore hidden depths 

Journey through a world filled with strange artefacts and crumbling ruins...



Tallnecks are majestic patrolling Machines that can be scaled – with a little help from the immediate environment. Successfully climbing and overriding a Tallneck will reveal the surrounding area of the map, including Machine sites, and trigger an energy discharge that weakens nearby Machines. 

Hunting grounds

Hunting grounds are timed arena-style challenges that require you to try diverse combat tactics against different types of Machines.

Earn at least three Sun marks – the rewards from completing Hunting Ground trials – to gain access to the Hunters’ Lodge in Meridian.


Bandit camps

Bandit camps are combat encounters with large numbers of entrenched human enemies. Clearing out these camps allows settlers to move in, adding a merchant and valuable fast-travel point.

Vantage points

Vantage points are geocached remnants of the ancient past, left in scenic areas. Focus scanning a Vantage shows a glimpse of the Ancient World, and unlocks a segment of their creator’s story. You can read these from the Collectables tab in the Notebook menu.


Collectible items

Collectible items include Metal Flowers, Banuk Figures and Ancient Vessels. Completed sets can be brought to special collectors in Meridian – Kudiv, Cantarah, and the Studious Palas – for rewards.


Cauldrons are the source of the Machines: cavernous, self-operating robot foundries. By reaching the core at the centre of a Cauldron, you can learn to override additional types of Machines in the world.

Exploring the Cauldrons also reveals more about the life cycle of the Machines.


Bunkers contain the secrets of the ancient past – be sure to use the Focus device to check for clues and other items…


Learn more about both the ancient and tribal world by scanning Datapoints with the Focus device.

  • Quest Datapoints can be found by exploring locations on the main quest, and are usually related to the story’s important inciting events.
  • World Datapoints and Glyph Books are found in ancient ruins and Carja settlements, respectively, and offer additional insight into Horizon’s backstory.
  • Any scanned Datapoint can be read or listened to again from the Datapoints tab in the Notebook Menu.