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Dive into the mythology of Sony Santa Monica’s epic action adventure with behind-the-scenes podcasts, videos and articles. 

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Behind-the-scenes bestiary

The monsters of God of War

Discover some of the terrifying creatures you’ll encounter during your perilous journey.  Witness their transformation from sketch, to digital painting, to a fully animated in-game character. 


Feel the dread of an undead horror, fuelled by pure rage – a veritable blight on Midgard. 

Fire Troll

Fear the monstrous visage of this solitary creature with incredible strength and elemental powers.


Witness the power of this fearsome sorceress, twisted by zealous devotion to Seider magic.


Whispers from the heavens

God of War podcasts

        Join Myths and Legends podcast host Jason Weiser as he takes you through a series of interviews with the development team behind God of War. 

Episode 1 – the tale of Groa

Join a powerful seer on a quest for her lost love, discovering that true knowledge comes at a cost…

After the story, delve into a behind-the-scenes chat with God of War’s creative director Cory Barlog and story lead Matt Sophos.

Episode 2 – the origin of Dragur

Discover the tragic tale of one of Midgard’s most horrific creatures.

After the story, stay tuned for a conversation with Rafael Grassetti (principal character artist) and Bruno Velazquez (principal animator) about how these creatures come to life in God of War.

Episode 3 – the tale of the Dead Stone Mason

Join the skilled giant Thamur and the plight created by his young son as they attempt to deal with the  Aesir gods…

Following this legend, enjoy an interview with composer Bear McCreary that explores the game's epic score. 

Episode 4 – the origin of the Leviathan Axe

Visit the Huldra brothers, Brok and Sindri, as they craft a weapon to rival Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir – unaware of the fate which awaits it…

Keep listening after the story for an interview with Jason McDonald, lead gameplay designer, and Jeet Shroff, lead gameplay engineer.

Episode 5 – like father, like son

Follow young Atreus' on his first journey into the Norse wilds, where danger lurks around every corner…

Stay tuned after this tale for an interview with God of War’s story lead, Matt Sophos.


Animated tales of God of War history

Uncover the secrets that rest within the Lost Pages of Norse Myth, revealing more of God of War’s savage lore. 

The dead Stone Mason

Watch the tragic tale of a giant attempting to protect his homeland in the unforgiving world of God of War.

A saga borne of ash

Witness a special God of War performance that brings Kratos' world to life in a startling new way…


Rebuilding Kratos’ world

Discover how God of War’s journey from the Greek pantheon to Norse mythology started from just one piece of concept art.