God of War® III

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  • PS3

In the end, there will be only chaos.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: Sony Worldwide Studios
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    • Immerse yourself in epic battles, with Kratos at the centre of the carnage and destruction.
    • Solve intricate puzzles and slaughter thousands of Ancient Greek monsters on the quest to end all quests.
    • Finally resolve your long-standing feud with the gods who betrayed you and take on the foreboding heights of Mount Olympus.
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    In the end there can only be chaos

    God of War III sees you take on the role of the Spartan warrior, Kratos, and embark on your final journey to wreak vengeance on Mount Olympus - the legendary home of the Greek gods.

    With a little help from Gaia, the mother of the Titans, you must lay siege to Zeus' temple and destroy everything in your wake. Together with an impressive army of imposing Titans, you must fight fearlessly to scale the vast mountain, battling Zeus' armies of the undead, hulking enemies such as the Minotaur, Centaurs, Cyclops and the extremely tough Chimera.

    Boasting a huge arsenal of new weapons including Apollo's Bow and steel gauntlets called the Cestus; you can also cast a range of devastating magical attacks such as summoning the souls of fallen Spartan warriors to fight alongside you.

    With a storyline that is every bit as epic as the game itself and boss battles the likes of which have never been seen before, God of War III is your chance to start taking the powers of the gods for yourself.

    Unleash your vengeance now.

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    The battle is not over

    With a number of various difficulty settings in God of War III, you can put your brawling abilities to the ultimate test time and time again. Plus, there are also additional sets of costumes on offer too, some of which have a various affect on the gameplay and Kratos' abilities.

    And if you are in search of some serious tests of your ability, then look no further than the Challenge of Olympus, which features seven tasks for you to complete. The tasks include Population Control, where you have to stop more than 50 enemies from occupying the challenge arena at the same time; Bare Hands, where the goal is to slay all enemies using no weapons at all; and Simply Smashing, a task that requires you to smash all the urns in the arena before the timer reaches zero.

    Once you have completed each of these challenging tasks you are then able to unlock the arena battles where you can once again put your combat skills to use.

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    Armies of the gods

    Fans of the first two instalments of the God of War trilogy on PlayStation 2, will feel extremely comfortable getting to grips with God of War III on PlayStation 3; and newcomers to the series can also dive straight into the action with the game's intuitive control system.

    Light attacks are performed using the Square button, while heavy ones are dealt using the Triangle button. Deftly press the Circle button to grab hold of nearby enemies and then quickly tap of the Square button to use them as a battering ram - perfect for clearing a large number of foes.

    With more enemies on screen than ever before, you will find yourself using the new battering ram feature time and time again to give yourself some room before unleashing the mighty Blades of Exile on marauding undead foes. Aside from the vast array of combo moves and magical attacks at your disposal (all of which can be upgraded) you can also control some of the game's gigantic beasts. These include gargantuan Cyclops soldiers that wield massive clubs and packs of Cerberus, three headed dogs that breathe fire.

    Another great new feature in God of War III is the ability to switch weapons mid-combo and perform a string of devastating attacks that lets you employ each of the four weapons in the game all at once. It's a powerful attack and perfect for inflicting large amounts of damage on some of Greek mythology's tougher enemies. Mastering each weapon's combo attacks is vital to surviving in God of War III, so spend a little time with each one the moment you unlock them, as by doing so, you will soon become unstoppable when you come face to face with Zeus himself.

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