Geronimo Stilton Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy The Videogame

Join the plucky rodent reporter on a great quest to find the Heart of Happiness.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle / Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Virtual Toys
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    • Play as the hero of the hugely popular books in a colourful and gripping adventure on PSP. 
    • Round up new friends and help the Queen of the Fairies to track down a priceless treasure.
    • Solve brain-teasing puzzles, explore the Kingdom of Fantasy and interact with its inhabitants in this charming tale.
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    Hold the front page!

    Life as the world’s most famous mouse reporter isn’t half bad. Fresh from rescuing a mythical queen from a far off land, Geronimo Stilton is settling down to enjoy the finer things: running New Mouse City’s most important newspaper, and helping his cousin smash world records for eating pasta. Yet in Geronimo Stilton Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy The Videogame on PSP, the next life-changing adventure is never far away.

    Embarking on an epic adventure after munching down 101 plates of spaghetti might not appeal to you, but not even an overfull belly can come between Geronimo and a good story. And so, when a giant, golden dragon arrives at the intrepid editor’s window, Geronimo senses another incredible scoop, tightens his belt and sets off once more for the Kingdom of the Fairies. 

    Fickle witches, bad-tempered ogres and Geronimo’s old friend Queen Blossom await, along with a whole world beyond the borders of the Kingdom of the Fairies to explore. This is going to shift a lot of newspapers when Geronimo gets back. 

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    Fantasy friends

    Journey with Geronimo Stilton and discover a fairy tale land. Along the way, you’ll meet a bunch of new friends who’ll help you with clues and pointers when the way ahead seems a little unclear. Here are some of the faces you’ll meet: 

    Dragon of the Rainbow: This friendly soul is Queen Blossom’s faithful messenger, and the one who alerts Geronimo to a new crisis in the Kingdom of Fantasy. When the dragon himself is struck down early in the game, it’s up to you to save him.

    Boils: As a former spy for the stinky trolls, this chameleon knows the Kingdom of Fantasy like the back of his own boil-covered hand. Now Boils works as a guide for Geronimo, hitching a ride in his backpack.

    Snowy Dawn: This beautiful princess will only communicate by writing messages on snow white paper. Despite being asked by many suitors for her hand in marriage, none have been able to melt her icy heart.

    Goose Blahblah: Despite sticking her bill into everyone’s business, this gossip is a talented nurse, able to create tonics and medicines from the Kingdom of Fantasy’s many strange plants.

    Oscar Roach: Every expedition should have someone like Oscar, who can cook, dance, play the violin and tell jokes – although his wisecracks get more groans than laughs.

    Geronimo Stilton The Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy screenshot

    Queen Blossom needs you

    It’s easy to see why Geronimo Stilton has become such a celebrated reporter. When he comes across a stubborn problem or a mysterious riddle, he’ll use his sharp mind to hunt down the solution just as he would to pursue the most exciting stories.

    Beginning in the Kingdom of the Fairies, Geronimo must quickly balance scales by catapulting objects into them, avoid obstacles while riding a galloping unicorn, answer devious brain-teasers and find something to prop up the fairy Godmother’s rickety old dining table.

    Secrets are buried away throughout the land, so as well as helping Geronimo overcome more than 60 puzzles and mini-games, you must be ready to whip out a magnifying glass to reveal magical items such as crystal keys and gold coins.

    Look out for coloured thermometers before you attempt a challenge. Coloured green, amber and red, these give you an idea of how tricky the puzzle will be, with red being the toughest. The valuable Fantastic Guilders you’ll help Geronimo find can be used to buy hints or extend time limits, if you get stuck.

    More important than precious coins is the will to try again and again until you crack each test. Have you got the determination to save Queen Blossom and earn her everlasting thanks?

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