Fight Night Champion

  • PS3

Can you survive the brutal road to redemption on PlayStation 3?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: EA SPORTS
  • Developer: EA Canada
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    • Box with precision and accuracy with the Full Spectrum Punch Control system.
    • Immerse yourself into the truest representation of the sport, lifestyle and culture of boxing on PlayStation 3.
    • Create an online gym with your friends and battle to become the ultimate champion, or turn boxing into a team sport and challenge other gyms in Rival Matches to unlock items and win trophies.
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    Road to redemption

    Fight Night Champion puts you in control of Andre Bishop, an incredibly talented fighter who, just as his career is about to take off, is arrested and sentenced to several years behind bars.

    Despite being locked up for a crime he didn't commit, Andre refuses to hang up his boxing gloves and continues to fight and stay in shape by taking part in gruelling bare-knuckle matches.

    A few years later, Andre is released into a world that has forgotten him but not his rival, Isaac Frost, who has now become the heavyweight champion of the world. Fortunately for Andre, he is about to be given another shot at stardom and a chance to face Frost in a battle set to be seen by millions around the globe. Whether or not he has what it takes to become the champion is down to you.

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    Get in the ring

    Battling inside the ring in Fight Night Champion has been updated since the series last appeared on PlayStation 3. In place of the Total Punch Control system, EA Sports has implemented the Full Spectrum Punch Control scheme.

    This fresh control method allows you to throw a series of punches and combination attacks in quick succession by simply flicking the right stick in any direction. With the new control scheme in place, you use a combination of timed blocks and fast feet to make it to the top and become the world heavyweight champion.

    Another new addition to the line-up of moves is the power modifier. This allows you to throw heavy punches by holding down the R2 button on the wireless controller and combining it with the right stick. If you manage to connect a series of powerful blows with an opponent, the camera will wobble slightly and a faint whistling noise can be heard. This is the perfect time to unleash some body blows and go for the all-important knockout.

    If, however, you find yourself on the receiving end of this kind of attack, be sure to get close to an opponent and hold down both the L2 and R2 buttons at the same time to hug your opponent and buy some recovery time.

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    Online champion

    In Fight Night Champion on PlayStation 3, there are a number of modes for you to get to grips with including the offline single player campaign, Champion Mode and the career spanning Legacy Mode. In Legacy Mode, you get to create your own boxer and embark on a life inside the ring in the hope of becoming a world champion.

    However, if you just want to have some fun and test your skills in the ring, then invite a friend over and grab a second wireless controller for some two player action on the canvas. Here you can both choose from a bustling roster of legendary boxers including Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, George Foreman and David Haye.

    The game also features an extensive online mode that allows you to create your own gym, which in turn can be joined by other players from around the world via PlayStation Network. Once you have enough fighters, you can then challenge other gyms to a battle for ultimate online supremacy.

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