FIFA Ultimate Team

Welcome to the most social FIFA Ultimate Team ever.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

Build your dream squad from thousands of players and compete in the most popular mode in FIFA. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) connects fans to the world of football throughout the entire season with a range of content influenced by real-world performances and competitions including the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

Whether you're looking for the basics of FIFA Ultimate Team or want to go deeper into the most popular game mode in EA SPORTS FIFA, everything you need to know - from player packs and Coins to parental controls. - is here.

Festival of FUTball

Celebrate your team with FIFA Ultimate Team™ Festival of FUTball from June 11-July 11, featuring Path To Glory and Summer Stars items.

Path to Glory

Path to Glory players have the potential to upgrade based on the number of wins their team accrues from June 11 to July 11.

Summer Stars
The top individual performers during this month of play will be featured in Summer Stars, where eligible players will receive large permanent upgrades based on how they compete for their team.

New to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

More ways to play


Play together, get rewarded together. Team up with a friend online in Division Rivals against other solos or duos, in Squad Battles against the AI, or kick back in FUT Friendlies House Rules against other players.

Complete special Co-Op objectives to unlock rewards, and make progress in your individual weekly Division Rivals ranking and Squad Battles leaderboard.

FUT Events

Compete or collaborate. Compete against the FUT Community in new Team Events. Complete themed Objectives for your side as you contribute to your team's score and try to unlock unique rewards, coins, or packs.

Work together towards a shared cause in new Community Events. Earn progress as one global FUT Community by completing special objective groups that unlock rewards for everyone participating in the event.

Live FUT Friendlies

Shake up your team and experiment with your line-up in new Live FUT Friendlies – where Squad Rules and House Rules combine to give you a fun and diverse range of limited-time matches that change throughout the season.

Change your team up to fulfil the Squad Rules – for example limiting the number of players from the same league or only using bronze players, then head into a match with specific House Rules to make the game even more interesting.

More ways to progress

Your style

Choose your team’s nickname for in-game commentary and create your club’s unique look with endless combinations of Club Crests, Stadium Dressings and Banners, and authentic and custom Kits - including designs from big names from the worlds of fashion and music.

Your stands

Focus on every detail of your FUT Stadium, from Pitch Mow Patterns and Goal Net Colours, to Stadium Paint and Seat Colours. Up your Tifo game with Foreground and Background Tifos in FUT Stadium that give you more ways to show off what matters to you, and display your FUT Achievements for all to see with Pitch Trophies that are unlocked by hitting club milestones.

Your celebration

Crank up the atmosphere in your FUT Stadium by hand selecting your Club Anthem and Crowd Chants, and feel the passion in every goal by picking Celebrations, Goal Music, and even Pyrotechnic Displays that bring the heat to your home turf.

More time on pitch

Streamlined club management

Streamlined Club management removes the time-consuming parts of managing your FUT Club to let you focus on the fun. Players recover full fitness after every match with no need to manage Fitness Items. Staff Coaches and Training Items have been removed to simplify the experience, and an updated injury and healing system makes it easier to manage your lineup from game to game.

Fewer stoppages

Shorter celebrations, fewer replays, and faster restarts when the ball goes out of play maximises the amount of time you spend playing online in FUT 21.

Easy access menus

Get to the game faster with a redesigned FUT Menu. Don’t miss a beat with the new home screen that helps you stay up to date with the latest news in FUT. Access the squad screen to make tactical tweaks or tinker with your FUT Stadium set up from almost anywhere in the FUT Menu.


In FIFA Ultimate Team, building the best possible side requires strong chemistry between your players.

Chemistry starts with placing players from the same club, league, or nationality next to each other in your lineup to create a link. The more elements that match, the stronger the chemistry link.

You can improve a squad’s chemistry in a number of ways:

  • Placing players of the same club, league, or nationality next to one another – the more of these elements that match, the stronger the link will be
  • Putting players in the positions listed on their item
  • Using player items with the “loyalty” bonus, which is only found when the item is obtained via pack or after playing 10 FUT matches with your club. 

Player items

Thousands of player items — special shields that show off each player's unique in-game ratings and attributes — are available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Player items are placed into categories determined by their overall rating. The base types are Bronze, Silver and Gold:


Reserved for players with an overall rating of 75 or above.


Recieved by players with an overall rating of 65-74.


For players with an overall rating anywhere between OVR 0-64.

These base player items are divided further into two rarity types: Common or Rare.

Special player items with enhanced ratings and attributes are also available during specific FUT live events. Get player items by opening FUT packs, buying them on the FUT Transfer Market, or completing Objectives and Squad Building Challenges.

Packs, FIFA Points and Coins

Open FUT packs to acquire new players and consumable items that can help you build your club and enhance your team’s chemistry. Purchase FUT packs using FIFA Points, which are available for purchase on your console and select retailers, or Coins that are earned in-game for playing matches, completing challenges, or selling players on the Transfer Market.

FIFA Points

FIFA Points are available for purchase directly on your console and at select retailers.


Coins are earned in-game by playing matches, completing challenges, or selling players on the transfer market.

Web and companion app

Because football never stops, keep an eye on your FUT Club no matter where you are. The FIFA Companion and Web apps allow you to remain connected to the world of FUT 21 anywhere at any time.

Featuring full management of your FUT Club, the FIFA 21 Companion and Web apps will enable you to prepare your squad for your next big match, bid on a last-minute transfer, complete a Squad Building Challenge, or improve your club with exciting new player items and more from packs using Coins or FIFA Points.

With full integration between the Companion App, Web App, and your console, your club will always be up-to-date regardless of where you are playing. Once you have created a club in FUT 21 on your console or PC, you can begin using the Web and Companion Apps for club and squad management. Continue playing matches in FUT 21 on your console to unlock access to the Transfer Market.

Parental controls

When accessing FIFA Ultimate Team online via the Companion App or Web App, it is possible to set up the account for your child and place any restrictions you wish on the FIFA Ultimate Team online account.

If you’re setting up an Origin Account (needed to access the Web app) for your child, we suggest first creating your own Origin Account, and then using the email registered on your Origin Account as the “Parental Email” when setting up your child’s account. This will ensure you’re able to contact customer support whenever your child has an issue.

Also, there is no need to put your credit card details on the console/system in order to allow the gamer to purchase packs. Simply pick up a FIFA Points card at your local retailer – this way you’ll be able to purchase points without ever having to supply your card details online.

Alongside these in-game restrictions, the PS4 also has a comprehensive range of parental controls that allow you to carefully manage the content and features your children have access to.

Level up

EA Play

Join EA Play to get early access trials for all new EA titles — including EA SPORTS FIFA — as they’re released and enjoy access to a huge collection of games as part of your membership.

Not only this, but members will also receive a 10% discount on in-game purchases, such as FUT Points, as well as a special discount on full-game purchases. Members get rewarded all season long in FIFA 21 with in-game content to put you ahead of the competition in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team with Season Objectives XP boosts, FUT Kits, FUT Stadium Sets, and more!