EA SPORTS™ 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

  • PS3

The World Cup. It’s in your hands.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: EA SPORTS
  • Developer: EA Canada
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    • Win a place in your national squad and then lead your country through qualifying and on to the FIFA World Cup in the Captain Your Country mode.
    • Play the Road to the FIFA World Cup mode: pick any one of the 203 FIFA-recognised national sides, then make your bid to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.
    • Prove your world class ball control with more responsive dribbling and pinpoint passing techniques.
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    It’s samba time

    Developer EA Canada has gone to amazing lengths to make EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil the most definitive, colourful and atmospheric World Cup game yet.

    There are 203 teams to choose from, 7,469 players, 19 officially licensed managers, all 12 World Cup stadiums, a 34-song soundtrack and more than 15 hours of new match commentary from Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend. A virtual version of FIFA President Sepp Blatter is even on hand to award your team the World Cup trophy.

    The game captures the World Cup’s signature carnival atmosphere both inside and outside the stadium. Banners, flags, seat cards, painted faces, costumes, confetti, fireworks and streamers help get the party started on the terraces, while footage from 15 cities worldwide shows football fans going wild at Sydney’s Opera House, London’s Trafalgar Square, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and other well-known landmarks.

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    Become a world-beater

    New dribbling and passing control systems are two of many improvements that help make EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil the most accessible World Cup football game yet.

    You can now perform all manner of twists and turns with the ball safely under control, as well as dribble at speed then slow down just enough to get past an opponent without disrupting your momentum. New passing styles, meanwhile, include a curling cross using the outside of the foot.

    At set pieces, you can direct attacking players’ runs in the box, and defenders will guard the posts and pick up unmarked players. The agonising drama of penalties is raised another notch as the keeper tries to put off the taker with a wobbly legs routine or by pointing to where they think the ball will go.

    New game modes include Story of Qualifying, in which you can replay more than 60 memorable qualifying matches and try to change history. In Captain Your Country you control one player on the pitch, aided by a new auto-positioning system, and work your way back from injury to lead the team to glory.

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    Make and change history

    Play with or against friends in several different modes in EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Offline options include playing an entire World Cup campaign from qualifying through to the finals in Road to the FIFA World Cup mode, or simply from the group stages onwards. Online there are friendly matches or the option to play through the tournament, as well as Story of Finals and Road to Rio de Janeiro modes.

    Story of Finals is a dynamic mode that launches once the World Cup kicks off. An hour after every real-world match ends, a series of challenges will become available in the game such as trying to reverse the result, repeating the same scoreline or not conceding a goal. Each challenge earns you experience points for use in EA SPORTS FIFA 14.

    Road to Rio de Janeiro challenges you to take your country through each of the 12 World Cup stadiums and lift the trophy at the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro. After ten games in each city, you’ll either progress to the next stadium, remain where you are or be relegated to the previous city.

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    EA SPORTS™ 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

    EA SPORTS™ 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™