Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends

Ancient feudal warlords once again take the field on PlayStation 2.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting / Action
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: KOEI

    Building on the 5th incarnation of the series, this Xtreme version adds more features than you can shake a lance at. Take to the field as a superhuman general, cutting a swathe through the opposition and guiding your army to victory. DW5 XL offers five different modes - Destiny, Legend, Edit, Challenge and Xtreme, plus 18 new maps, untold stories and a whole lot more.

    All modes feature expanded content and challenges but Xtreme mode is where this version of Dynasty Warriors stands out, featuring the option of 2-player cooperative play. You must recruit new officers, expand your territory and raise funds to maintain your forces. Additionally unlike the other modes your character will not heal automatically between battles, so you will have to spend resources to not only improve their abilities but restore their health.


    • Four difficulty levels, plus a new Novice level

    • Use the edit mode to create your own hero, warrior, strategist, etc

    • New unique items and a rebalanced weapon system add to gameplay



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