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Evil has returned to Ehb and the people have turned to the few remaining Legionnaires for the protection of the past.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Obsidian
    Dungeon Siege III screenshot
    • Battle hordes of dangerous creatures in the mystical fantasy Kingdom of Ehb.
    • Select from a variety of Classes and Characters to suit your play style.
    • Acquire, select and equip a vast number of weapons, special moves and magic abilities.
    Dungeon Siege III screenshot

    Under siege

    Besieged by war, the fading kingdom of Ehb is home to the fabled 10th Legion in Dungeon Siege III. As one of these revered soldiers, it falls to you to rid the crumbling colony of the evil threatening to tear it apart from within.

    Former comrades in the Legion are scattered throughout Ehb and must be rounded up and pressed into action to make your task easier. As you travel through the mountain ranges of this diverse country in search of hideouts and remote prisons, you begin to get a sense of the dark, rich folklore underpinning your adventure.

    With its king murdered by the demented Jeyne Kassynde, Ehb has splintered into several factions. The Legion, blamed for his death, is nearly wiped out by Kassynde and his fanatical followers from the east. What remains of the monarchy, meanwhile, takes refuge in the west,
    around the mountain of Glitterdelve, awaiting some sort of miracle to lead them back to Ehb’s throne.

    Venture into thick forests and deep caves, seek out powerful alliances and defeat Kassynde to unite the land once more. Daring, diplomacy and cast iron resolve will help you go far in this intense journey on PlayStation 3.

    Dungeon Siege III screenshot

    Looking for trouble

    Confronted with the smouldering aftermath of an attack on the 10th Legion, you’re immediately thrust into the push to destroy Jeyne Kassynde’s forces. If the “what” serves as your grim introduction to Dungeon Siege III, the “how” is gradually revealed as you travel deeper into this absorbing game.

    Driving your gathering retribution is the ability to change your hero’s battle stance, allowing you to switch between long-range attacks and close-quarters kills according to the situation. You might spot a lone guard patrolling in the distance and use a fireball to pick him off; if a large group of thugs ambushes you, a sweeping spear attack will cut them down to size.

    Rugged settlements act as staging posts along your march, providing you with goods, lively side quests and a vibrant change of scene. Out on the road, you need to keep your wits about you – just as you can flit seamlessly into a new environment, so enemies can wander freely in search of new victims.

    Little do they know how you relish battle. Each kill improves your all-round ability and evolves your magical potency, and as you become stronger, the mighty 10th Legion edges closer to a glorious return.

    Dungeon Siege III screenshot

    We are Legion

    Alone, the imperial colony of Ehb is a hostile world where every shadow or thicket hides a potentially deadly encounter. Ask a friend to join you on your journey and your sofa suddenly becomes a safe haven where your back will be watched and your power multiplied.

    Thanks to a split screen co-operative mode, another player can drop in and out of your quest at any time. Your computer-controlled allies do a fine job of protecting you when the going gets tough, yet the advantage of having a friend alongside you is they can share in the excitement of bringing down a powerful foe after a carefully co-ordinated assault.

    Up to three friends can be drafted into the 10th Legion thanks to the online multiplayer mode available via PlayStation Network. All four characters – the sword expert Lucas, fire spirit Anjali, maverick wizard Reinhart and musket-toting Katarina – can unite their unique skills, creating a fighting force ready to face down any threat.

    On your own, a singular, thrill-laden adventure will be had – and if you recruit your friends, you’ll see four memorable warriors working in unison to make Dungeon Siege III really shine.

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