Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

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Unite your forces and push back the darkness in this multiplayer action role-playing game.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Developer: Gameloft
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  • Choose your class, optimise your character's development and equip your hero with the best armour thanks to the items you collect throughout your adventure.
  • Explore 30 levels with an immense world of dungeons, villages and forests to discover, including areas that are randomly generated.
  • Train hard to climb the ranks in the online global leaderboards via PlayStation Network. 
  • Complete the quest on your own or team up online with players across the globe.
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What lies beneath

The world of Gothicus is in the suffocating grip of a queen bent on hellish destruction. In Dungeon Hunter: Alliance on PlayStation 3, your destiny and this tormented land depend on your ability to forge a fighting unit strong enough to withstand anything the forces of the netherworld can throw at it.

Picture postcard charm gives the villages and settlements of Gothicus an air of unruffled tranquillity. Traders and craftsmen bustle between thatched houses, stopping to pass the time of day and hawk their goods. All is bright and, seemingly, idyllic.

Spend a little longer here and the atmosphere takes on a more sinister edge. In the bowels beneath Gothicus, malevolent hordes roam in immense packs, waiting to engulf anyone foolish enough to venture there. Goblin kings, enslaved trolls and zombie marauders are just an acrid taste of the tidal wave of evil threatening to rip through this peaceful land.

Armed with PlayStation Move motion controllers or wireless controllers, you and up to three friends are all that separate Gothicus and darkness. Download Dungeon Hunter: Alliance to your PlayStation 3 system from PlayStation Store and get set for an unholy clash. 

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Tomb raiders

Pound, scorch or vaporise the horrors that wait in the catacombs of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. Just make sure you show no hesitation – a millisecond’s doubt could bring your crusade to a shuddering halt beneath a sea of clawing, undead hands.

Choose between traditional mage, warrior and rogue character classes to mould your plan of attack at the very outset of this role-playing adventure. The energy that swirls around Gothicus is drawn upon by the mage for ground shaking magical strikes, whereas the warrior favours a head down charge into the fray, with damage being soaked up by his superior armour. Agility and evasion, meanwhile, make the spring heeled rogue tricky to pin down.

Carnage down among Gothicus’ decrepit tombs helps to hone your fighting edge. Each felled enemy yields experience points which you can use to increase strength, dexterity, endurance and energy skills, while the gold they spill can be put towards skull splitting swords and hatchets and staves with the power to devour all life in an instant.

The PlayStation Move motion controller makes you feel even closer to the bones of the vanquished, as short, sharp swings and jabs see off foes still standing before you. Move quickly, fight furiously and spend your spoils wisely. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance will test you like nothing else on PlayStation Store. 

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A band of buccaneers

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is incredibly absorbing as a single player experience, and recruiting up to three friends to your cause, either on one PlayStation 3 system or online via PlayStation Network, only adds to the intensity.

Helping hands in the red-hot cauldron of combat are invaluable. Your back will be covered as you forge ahead into unknown terrors, while a healing potion can revive a fallen party member with a touch of the L1 button. And with a little planning, you can blend the abilities of your whole party so that they truly complement one another.

Take the situation which pits you against the Cremator, a giant troll made of flaming stone. One angry swipe of his lava-like blade is enough to cut down your entire party. Careful co-ordination will ensure you reduce him to a sorry puddle of molten rock – a potent combination of freeze, shockwave and fireball abilities sap his life force, while crucial use of healing magic by a fourth member really tips the balance in your favour.

With medals to denote when a player leads in special categories – such as most kills in any given quest – competition goes hand in hand with co-operation. Make sure evil meets its match by downloading Dungeon Hunter: Alliance to your PlayStation 3.  

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