Dragon’s Crown

Battle to retrieve the legendary relic, before it can be used for evil.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game / Fighting / Action
  • Publisher: Atlus Software
  • Developer: Vanillaware
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    • Choose from six playable classes as you search for the ultimate treasure.
    • Bring along up to three friends for fast-paced fighting mayhem in co-operative play.
    • Customize your characters with new skills as you progress.
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    Dragon’s den

    Somewhere deep within the vaults of Hydeland lies the fabled Dragon's Crown, an artefact of such preciousness and power that the ruling elite have joined forces to unearth it. And you've been hired to help them.

    Playing as any of six strapping warriors, you set out to explore the darkest and most dangerous of Hydeland's labyrinths. You'll need sharp wits and a stout heart - as well as a knack for splitting goblin skulls - to pursue your quest to its end and win fame and fortune as an adventurer.

    From the action-packed outset, Dragon's Crown is a riotous ride through a world of fantastical characters and events. The story progresses through a series of beautifully animated cut-scenes accompanied by brilliantly voiced narration. It's like watching a crisply drawn fantasy comic book come to life in front of you, and pretty soon all you can think about is discovering what's around the next corner or in the next chamber - and how you're going to destroy it.

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    Magic kingdom

    Dragon's Crown is as jaw-droppingly sumptuous as the most ardent fantasy fan could hope, with stunning environments and crisp, colourful characters that seem to have stepped straight out of a top-notch anime movie.

    Everything is vividly realised, from the gloomiest underground cavern to the ugliest, grey-skinned orc, and it's a joy to roam into a dank cave and be confronted by a swooping, screeching harpy or a black-furred tarantula the size of your head.

    Combining pounding battle sound effects with a spellbinding orchestral score - that's twinkling and pretty one moment and darkly frantic the next - it all adds up to a hugely cinematic experience, and one that you won't want to end. With its ingenious menu system of item upgrades and weapon customisation options, Dragon's Crown adds an inspired role-playing angle to its core of hack and slash action. Simply put, this is a game of expert production polish and finesse, which lets you focus on having fun while ensuring the experience is layered and deep enough to keep you coming back for more.

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    Dungeon masters

    Dragon's Crown boasts a tantalising array of playable characters, each with his or her own unique strengths and weaknesses.

    Fancy wading into battle in a full suit of armour and raining thunderous sword-strokes upon enemy heads? Then choose the knight, whose boyish face belies his massive strength. Prefer to keep a safe distance and send a volley of arrows thudding into a goblin's chest? Then plump for the elf, a spritely soul with the speed and agility of an athlete.

    Next up are the hugely bearded dwarf, who makes up for what he lacks in height in frenzied fearlessness, and the towering Amazon, a female warrior of fearsome stature who wields an equally fearsome long-handled axe. Those of a more mystical bent might choose the Wizard or the Sorceress - masters of the magical arts whose knowledge of ancient lore allows them to unleash amazing assaults on opponents in some of the most visually spectacular attacks in the game.

    The range of distinct characters and their differing attributes ensures that Dragon's Crown is as much about skill and strategy as it is all-out combat. Once you've conquered the game with one warrior, you'll be gagging to get back out and explore Hydeland's dungeons with another - which means learning a whole new range of tactics and special attacks. After all, there are more than enough monsters to keep all six adventurers on their toes...

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    Man versus monster

    At the heart of the game is combat - and lots of it - but while hacking and slashing will get you so far, after a while you'll need to ensure your skills match your courage.

    Fighting evil beasts and collecting treasure earns you XP that can be used to upgrade your abilities and fashion your fighter into a specialised killing machine able to seize the Dragon's Crown.

    During your quest, you'll get help from a colourful supporting cast of thieves, fairies and other weird and wondrous characters, as well as uncover new ways to enhance your arsenal of awe-inspiring weapons. By the end of the adventure, you'll have a huge array of powerful attacks at your disposal - and will be adept at using resources such as money and experience to tailor your warrior to the tasks ahead. Which is just as well, because when you've proven yourself the scourge of evil with one warrior, it's time to start mastering the next...

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    Crowning glory

    The action in Dragon's Crown reaches new heights in the game's cooperative multiplayer mode, which allows you to roam the dungeons of Hydeland with up to three friends on one PS3 system (or an Ad Hoc Mode connection on PlayStation Vita) or up to three fellow fantasy fans online.

    Brawling your way through lairs and labyrinths as a team brings a whole new excitement to the experience, amping up the combat and making for some seriously stupendous melee fighting. It's great fun to keep watch over your mates, and never less than thrilling when a dastardly goblin ambush is foiled by the quick thinking and brutal swordplay of an ally.

    There's even the option to interact with fans on other formats thanks to Cross-Play functionality, which lets PS3 and PS Vita owners play alongside each other and even swap save data. This nice touch makes it easier than ever to continue the quest whenever and wherever you like.

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