Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Terrorism, rogue government agents and blistering action are the order of the day in this FPS from Oxygen.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Oxygen Interactive
  • Developer: Kuju Entertainment

    Agent Cole is dispatched to handle the Hydra problem, a rogue government body selling weapons of mass destruction to terrorist factions. This first-person shooter, built around the same engine as popular FPS Fire Warrior, drops you into the thick of the fray as he penetrates and neutralises the threat Hydra represents.

    Ex-government agent and mercenary Cole Justice is brought back into the fold to handle a terrorist threat. A former government agency, codenamed Hydra, has moved into the lucrative arms and drug trafficking trade to fund their operations and skewed agenda. The latest area of revenue, the sale of weapons of mass destruction to worldwide terrorist organisations, threatens the global community on an unprecedented scale.

    Built upon the successful Fire Warrior engine, Conspiracy features both a slick feel and proven design. A plethora of weapons enable Cole to dish out his own style of mass destruction on the forces of Hydra, against a backdrop of five massive levels. The atmospheric locations range from secret bases in Aztec ruins to mercenary training camps in the Artic Circle.


    • New FPS based on the Fire Warrior engine

    • Play as Cole Justice, former secret service agent and mercenary

    • Five expansive levels, from Aztec ruins to the Arctic Circle


    • Players

      1 Players


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