Carnival Island

  • PS3

Experience the magic of the secret carnival island on PS3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Party
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEA Santa Monica Studio/Magic Pixel Games
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    • Discover a world of wonders as you explore the fairground and help bring the magical Carnival Island back to life.
    • Take on friends and family in over 35 fun-filled games and attractions, and win exciting interactive prizes. 
    • Strike a pose in front of the Magic Mirror and create some truly wacky images.
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    The greatest show on earth

    Exclusively available on PlayStation 3, Carnival Island transports you to a secret festival of fun and frolics. The party starts in an explosion of excitement as you're introduced to the mysteries of the island through a short and delightfully animated cartoon movie. With two children stumbling upon a carnival, you join them in their quest to bring this wonderland back to colourful life by playing a variety of attractions.

    This enjoyable family game is bright and vibrant, creating a magical atmosphere to match its story. On hand to help you are a group of friendly people and a collection of cute animals who offer encouragement and interesting facts about your enchanting surroundings.

    The soundtrack to Carnival Island is just as jolly as its visuals, capturing the spirit of this amazing amusement park. It's easy to believe that - as one of the game's characters suggest - this is a place powered by children's imagination.

    With clear instructions on how to use the PlayStation Move motion controller to play each game, Carnival Island takes you by the hand and leads you into a world of wonder where you are the main attraction.

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    All the fun of the fair

    With a variety of games which are as colourful as a rainbow and just as pretty to look at, Carnival Island brings the fun of a magical fairground into your living room. To join in, all you need is a PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a healthy imagination...

    Happy Jack and his helper Curtis the Panda have asked you to bring Carnival Island back to life, changing its black and white hues into a land of colour and joy once more. The only way of achieving this is by playing over 35 fun-filled games and attractions - so grab your PS Move and prepare for an adventure that all the family can enjoy.

    There are four parts of the Island to explore, each stretching a different skill. At Boardwalk you can enjoy ring and bowling based games, while on Shell Beach you can try your hand at launching frogs onto lily pads for points. Tree House Way is home to target range style games and ball tossing fun, while Ferris Park is where you can flip coins for points in Teacup Towers or hunt for treasure in Gold Digger.

    No matter what you choose, you can expect enough variety and fun to keep you entertained for hours. Each game uses the pinpoint precision of the motion controller working with the PlayStation Eye camera to translate your gestures into on-screen actions. With easy to understand demonstrations showing you the basic movements required for each activity, everything else is up to you.

    Do you have the throwing technique to sink basketballs in Hoops? Or the keen aim to take down as many targets as you can in Shooting Gallery? Success earns you tickets to spend on a number of bonus prizes such as balloons and in-game gifts.

    Carnival Island is full of surprises to keep you on your toes. From capturing hilarious pictures using the PlayStation Eye camera in Magic Mirror to taking the Bubble Flyer on its maiden flight, there is plenty to make sure your next visit to this amazing land is never your last one.

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    Roll up, roll up!

    Families everywhere from near and far - fancy a bit of fair play? Carnival Island is the ideal game to get everyone together for funfair style games without the extra expense or needing to leave the house. Up to four players can take part in this bonanza of games and all you need is a PlayStation Eye camera and up to two PlayStation Move motion controllers to get started.

    Once you've picked your very own cheerleader from an adorable selection of pets, you can choose to play Party Time or Pick and Play. Party Time randomly selects five games from the Story mode for you and your friends to compete in, while Pick and Play puts the choice in your hands to create your personal playlist of games.

    Whether you have one motion controller or two, the Sphere will handily change colour to show you whose turn it is. So even with four players sharing two motion controllers the action is quick, fun and easy to play. Who will earn the Carnival crown in your household?

    If you want to get one over your friends and family, there's no better place to practise than in the Story mode. You can take part in tricky challenges which require you to achieve a number of goals. For example, in Ringers you'll be given tasks such as hitting one bottle with three rings or scoring 2,700 points.

    Like any good funfair, there's plenty to keep you coming back for more in Carnival Island, so grab a PS Move and join in the greatest show on earth.

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      Dolby 5.1

    • Players

      1-4 Players

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