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Roll out the red carpet - Buzz! is going to the movies

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEE
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    Hurray for Hollywood as Buzz! makes its eagerly anticipated return to test your knowledge of star studded Tinseltown. Bringing the big quiz show experience live and direct to your home, Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz challenges movie and celebrity buffs' knowledge with over 5,000 questions across a diverse array of celebrity images, film clips, pictures, sound bites and Hollywood trivia.

    The slick and ever affable host, Buzz, will be on hand to guide you through the world of stardom, launching the quiz from the set of a movie awards ceremony.

    Coming complete with four specially made buzzers (and a USB hub which connects them all to your PlayStation 2), Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz is a must for any fans of the silver screen or celebrity culture.

    • New and improved round types - will you master Rollover and Fact or Fiction to see your name in lights?
    • Tackle questions on more than 100 movie clips - as well as stills, celebrity images, sound bites, quotes and Hollywood trivia.
    • Even more colourful contestant characters to choose from, for up to eight players

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    Buzz Hollywood Screenshot 1

    The hottest show in Tinseltown

    Are you ready to rub shoulders with the Hollywood elite as you attempt 5000 showbiz brainteasers in Buzz!™: The Hollywood Quiz.

    Buzz! is back in another fantastic edition that includes brand new rounds, as well as a host of movie clips, photos, sound bites, quotes and trivia.

    Roll out the red carpet, fire up the studio lights and prepare to be dazzled by the spectacular glitz and glamour that only Hollywood can offer as Buzz rubs shoulders with movie royalty and the showbiz elite. 

    This Hollywood version will see if you know your superheroes from your super agents or can tell your villains from your vamps.

    The Buzz! studio has received a complete movie makeover and plays host to Sunset Boulevard’s biggest names. As ever, the beautiful assistant Rose is on hand to enlighten and explain – and you can always rely on Buzz to pose the kind of questions that will sort the A-listers from the stand-ins.

    As you set up the Buzz! Buzzers to prepare to see your name in lights, you will have to decide how many players will be joining in the challenge. These range from an exclusive VIP quiz for two up to a bustling red carpet event of eight players. Obviously you can test your knowledge on your own and amaze your friends later.

    The game has a special Film Fanatic difficulty which may sound like it’s only for motion picture scholars, but it’s not just for the boffins; you might surprise yourself with knowledge you never knew you had.

    This Buzz! edition has 16 colourful contestants to choose from – and some of them have jetted in from around the globe just to be here, including new contestants such as Vampira, Action Hero, Cave Girl and Pirate. Who will you choose?

    Buzz! is a competitive quiz game that can give you individual glory or a team victory. Teams can take it in turns to answer questions. Each team has three lives – a wrong answer costs one life and the last team left wins.

    The rounds you or you team will encounter include Fastest Finger, Fact or Fiction and Point Stealer. Some trickier rounds include: Top Rank, where four answers need to be put into the correct order; Pie Fight, answer the question first and you’ll get to punish a rival with enough well-aimed cream pies to leave them with no lives; and Roll Over, incorrect answers grow the point’s kitty and a right answer will win the points.

    In the final round, there really is everything to play for. The points that you have amassed during the previous rounds will be converted into time, and with the questions coming thick and fast, this gradually ticks down. Answer a question correctly to temporarily halt the countdown, but when your bar ticks down and totally disappears, you will be eliminated from the competition

    You will have to be quick on the buzzer to be crowned the champion and, with the addition of an EyeToy® USB Camera (for PlayStation 2), you could end up being named and shamed on the video screen if you don’t buzz in to continue at the end of a round.

    Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz is a great social event hosted by your very own cheeky, slick, nattily-dressed game show impresario, Buzz.

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