Online multiplayer

You don’t have to face your nightmares alone…


Survive together

Co-operative play

Sometimes, the horrors of Yharnam might be too much for one Hunter to handle – but you don’t have to go it alone.

Join forces with up to three Hunters online to tackle the challenges of Bloodborne together and – if you successfully slay an area’s boss – you’ll earn a reward before being transported back to your own realm.

To call other Hunters into your world for a co-op challenge, you must use the Beckoning Bell; guests will reply by using the Small Resonant Bell and enter your game.


The Hunter and the hunted

Versus PvP play

As a Hunter, you may want to hone your skills by turning against other players and invading their game, using you skills and weapons to prove yourself as the deadliest Hunter.

Up to two hostile Hunters can invade another player’s game whenever the sinister Bell Ringer Woman is present by using the Resonant Bell. If you’re able to defeat the host, you’ll receive a reward before being transported back to your own realm.

Don’t shoot the messenger

Asynchronous play

Throughout Yharnam, you can use your notebook to leave hints, messengers and gestures for other Hunters to discover via the Messenger creatures that will appear. But beware… other Hunters don’t always have good intentions, so you can mark their messages as Fine or Foul, depending on whether the advice is helpful or a fiendish trap.

Fallen Hunters will leave a tombstone when they die that will appear in other players’ games, leaving their legacy for others to see and revealing their fate.

Hunters may also encounter ghostly phantoms of other Hunters currently playing Bloodborne in the same area, giving hints on how to proceed.