Army of Two™ The 40th Day

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Experience the evolution of co-operative gameplay as chaos blankets Shanghai, China.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter / Action
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: EA
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  • A series of mysterious catastrophes has left Shanghai on the brink of ruin and Salem and Rios must fight through the ravaged city to uncover a deadly secret
  • Features an amazing level of weapon customisation
  • Online multiplayer and cross-compatibility with the PSP version of the game
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A city in ruins

Picking up a few years after the events of the 2008 original, Army of Two: The 40th Day sees you take on the role of either Tyson Rios or Elliot Salem. Now you're working as a self-employed private military contractors running your own company called Trans World Operations (TWO) with the help of Alice Murray, a familiar face from the first game, and the brains behind your outfit.

In the middle of a routine job in Shanghai, China, things take a turn for the worse as a band of private military contractors, like you, attack the city causing carnage, mayhem and destruction on a massive scale. Now it's up to you to fight through what is left of Shanghai and survive the onslaught as you battle hundreds of enemies with itchy trigger fingers.

Fortunately, you've got a few tricks up your sleeve and a small arsenal to choose from. Your journey through a gruelling battle fraught with danger and terror starts here.

Army Of Two 40th Day PS3 screenshots

Custom gear

Amy of Two: The 40th Day is a superbly presented game with larger than life characters and enemies certain to make an impression on you once you have conquered the story campaign. The two lead characters, Salem and Rios, wear special masks in battle to protect them. Should you wish to, you can create your own mask and armour designs to use in battle and you can then share them with the rest of the Army of Two community.

Masks aren't the only thing you can create and use in-game. There are also a whole range of easy-to-add decals that you can create and share with your friends and other players using the graphics creator provided to you on the official website at, so start creating your bespoke battle gear now.

Army Of Two 40th Day PS3 screenshots

Survive the day

Combat in Army of Two is fast and consistently keeps you on your toes whether you are playing it alone or with a friend in both offline and online co-operative play mode. From the action-packed opening and the huge attack on the city of Shanghai, where buildings crumble around you and planes crash into the densely packed city, you have to keep your finger constantly on the trigger. The key component of Army of Two is working with your partner to take down enemies.

Using the directional buttons, you order your partner to stay behind cover, follow you or advance. Tapping each button twice triggers Aggro, wherein your partner will launch an attack on the enemy drawing their attention away from you, so you can sneak around and flank them. You also have an ample supply of firepower at your disposal including sniper rifles, machine guns, pistols, grenade launchers and rocket launchers.

Each one can be upgraded for better handling, damage and accuracy. Purchasing new weapons is simple; hold the Triangle button and select Weapon Customisation from the menu to be taken to a store jammed with new toys for you to pick and choose from depending on how much cash you have in your account. Completing objectives, saving hostages and looting downed enemies is the fastest way to top up your account so always take the time to do this. In Army of Two: The 40th Day, cash is your best friend.

Army Of Two 40th Day PS3 screenshots

Fight with a friend

One of the best ways to experience Army of Two: The 40th Day is by playing it with a friend either online or offline. Here, you work together to complete objectives using a variety of skills including co-op sniping, Back to Back - where you go back-to-back at key points in the game to cover each other from enemy fire - and co-op Mock Surrender, where you throw up your hands then perform a quick draw to take enemies down with one bullet.

Alongside cooperative mode, Army of Two also features a wealth of great multiplayer modes. In co-op Deathmatch you and your partner work together to take out opposing players and their partners in a heavy firefight. Another superb mode is Control, where two factions battle to take hold of and control certain points on the map to win the round.

If a challenge is what you are after then jump straight into Extraction where you and three other players have to survive waves of enemies across four progressively tougher maps. It's certain to test even the hardest Army of Two players, and provides hours of fun as you battle to stay alive.

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