Alien Zombie Death

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Kill the alien zombies before they wipe out all of the spacemen.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: PomPom Games
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minis: Alien Zombie Death
  • Collect medals on your mission by killing alien zombies, collecting coins and achieving high scores.
  • Use your medals to unlock planets and moons, and progress through the solar system.
  • Complete 14 levels on different planets and moons in order to defeat the alien zombies.

Parental guidance recommended

minis: Alien Zombie Death

Cosmic action

In this mysterious, alien infested galaxy, lie seven planets and their moons, making 14 levels for you to work your way through. Each planet has a distinctive, futuristic and cosmic look, so each level is a fresh and exciting experience.

Within each level, you can move left, right, up and down, to keep the planet alien zombie-free by shooting anything that comes your way. This is not as easy as it may seem, with plenty of deadly creatures attacking from all directions, shooting fireballs and jumping out the way of your bullets.

As well as frightening alien zombies, you face some deadly lasers and rotating blades that will seriously obstruct your path by blocking your bullets and causing you to lose a life if you touch them.

The unpredictable movement of the alien zombies and the eerie soundtrack cause a constant sense of unrest, making the game frantic, exciting and fun.

minis: Alien Zombie Death

A deadly galaxy

Alien Zombie Death throws you into the murky depths of outer space to battle some creepy alien zombies who have invaded various planets. As a lone spaceman, stranded in a strange galaxy, you must work your way through seven planets and their moons, destroying the deadly enemies that lurk within.

You will begin your mission on the planet Fondi, where the first group of alien zombies have landed. If you touch any alien zombies, you will lose a life, and life is precious considering you only have three to use on each planet.

As you journey through each planet and its moon, you unlock the next planet in your path to the final challenge on Dink, the moon of planet Jepola. Here you will encounter a mixture of all the enemies that you have so far defeated on your mission across the galaxy.

There are plenty of power-ups to collect that will aid you on your treacherous path to victory. Lasers, missiles and a three-way gun will appear every so often, which will come in handy when you’ve got hundreds of alien zombies on your tail. Destroy all the alien zombies, collect coins for extra points, and survive until the bitter end.

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