Games enhanced for PS4 Pro

These PS4 games burst into life with incredible 4K clarity, stunning HDR colours and lightning-fast performance thanks to super-charged PS4 Pro enhancements.


This world comes for you

Get into the saddle and hit the road across a vast, stunningly detailed 4K vision of Pacific North-West America, home to lush forests, towering mountains, desert lava fields – and hordes of feral creatures known as Freakers.

Learn to survive as outlaw biker Deacon St. John, a loner in a world ravaged by a deadly pandemic, where desperate survivors can be just as viscous as the once-human Freakers. Explore an ever-evolving world where changing weather and environments can affect the game’s dynamic events, and the behaviour of your rampaging enemies – including wild animals who have succumbed to the disease.  

This world comes for you on 26th April 2019.


Be greater

Swing above the streets and through bustling neighbourhoods that pulse with life in Marvel’s New York – then perch atop towering skyscrapers to take in the stunning 4K view or capture the moment with HDR-clarity in photo mode.

Take the action down to street level, sling webs and use gadgets in the fight against Super Villains and their mobs of henchmen, and use the intricately-detailed world around you to harness Spider-Man’s acrobatic Super Hero powers.


Game-changing multiplayer

Experience every intense moment of a sprawling new Call of Duty multiplayer experience as you deploy into Blackout – a 100-player Battle Royale arena brought to blistering life with 4K resolution, enhanced frame rates and explosive HDR clarity.

Pick your operative and dominate the iconic Call of Duty modes like Kill Confirmed and Team Deathmatch, or battle hordes of terrifying zombies, brought to life with chilling visual clarity on PS4 Pro.


Outlaws for life

Ride out with the Van der Linde gang and forge a life for yourself in a stunningly detailed 19th century America – a living, breathing world enhanced with incredible 4K visuals.

From bustling towns with muddy streets, rowdy saloons and outlaw opportunities, to snow-capped mountains, lawless plains and dense forests filled with predators and prey, every inch of the old West brims with wild, untamed life thanks to the power of PS4 Pro.


Champions rise

Feel the on-pitch intensity of the world’s greatest stadiums, harness the deft touch and fluid control needed to compete with the best of the best and react with lightning-fast precision to attacking and defensive moves thanks to the speed and power of PS4 Pro.

Lead your club to glory in the UEFA Champions League and lift the trophy in brilliant 4K. Super-charge your tactics with enhanced frame rates and feel the vibrancy of the world’s greatest club competition with stunning HDR visuals.


Ready to super-charge your gaming?

Experience all these PS4 Pro enhanced games and more with incredible 4K visuals, smoother, faster frame rates and next-level realism - all from the super-charged PS4 Pro.