PlayStation VR aim controller

Stay sharp, focused and deadly accurate with a new advanced weapon for your PS VR arsenal.

Triangle Circle Shapes
Square Cross Shapes

Make every shot count

Take aim

Discover a new level of intense action with the PS VR aim controller, created for PlayStation VR to enhance your adventures and bring incredible precision to compatible PS VR games.

Take down targets with deadly accuracy, feel the controller vibrate in your hands and stay immersed in every skirmish thanks to built-in motion sensors and intuitive DUALSHOCK 4 controls.


Bravo Team

Give yourself a real shot at survival in the gritty, guerrilla warfare of Bravo Team – exclusively on PlayStation VR. With precision tracking technology for deadly accuracy and vibration feedback for total immersion, the PS VR aim controller is your secret weapon against a relentless foe. 


Arm yourself for adventure

Embark on a perilous journey across an extra-terrestrial world in Farpoint – created with the PS VR aim controller in mind to deliver an enhanced, immersive and action-packed survival adventure.

Stranded on an alien world, use your wits, reactions and the deadly accuracy of the PS VR aim controller as you aim down the virtual scope of a range of off-world weapons and fight your way back home. 


PlayStation Camera

The PlayStation Camera is your gateway to incredible virtual worlds – and combined with the PS VR aim controller, gives you stunningly accurate precision with every shot.

Dual lenses track the controller’s sphere while 3D depth sensing technology positions your headset within the game. Redesigned to be easily positioned with an adjustable stand, it’s an essential part of your PS VR setup as well as the key to unlocking even more features for your PS4.