9 things you need to do now you’ve finished Days Gone’s story

There’s still plenty to enjoy out there in the post-apocalyptic frontier (and a Platinum Trophy to earn).

9 things you need to do now you’ve finished Days Gone’s story

There’s still plenty to enjoy out there in the post-apocalyptic frontier (and a Platinum Trophy to earn).

1. Battle the remaining Hordes

It’s time to cleanse the frontier of the biggest infestations of infected vermin. You’ve encountered enormous crowds of Freakers already and walked away to tell the tale; but have you conquered all 40 of them? Pull up the map post-campaign and see all the remaining Hordes you have left to defeat.

Remember, Hordes are Day Gone’s most dangerous threat: the solution to each’s demise is a unique puzzle that requires using a solid plan, quick wits, and a healthy stock of items. Observe their migration pattern and plan your strategy accordingly. Succeed and you’ve the satisfaction that you’re still alive and Oregon is that little bit safer.

Need a brief palate cleanser from crowd control? Also be on the lookout for infestation and ambush zones, encampment jobs and NERO checkpoints as well. Make the high desert of the Pacific Northwest safe for you and other travelers.

2. Come back for the post-credit scene

There’s one big surprise still waiting to be unraveled after the credits have wrapped.

Get back on the open road and mop up those lingering side missions; shortly Deacon will be interrupted by a familiar voice over the radio and a rendezvous will be requested. You’re not walking into a fight, but you’ll still feel the gut-punch for what unfolds.

3. Get an awesome new weapon that's a nod to a PlayStation classic

You may already have some mysterious IPCA tech rattling around in your inventory. Their purpose is revealed in the wake of the post-credit scene: they’re component parts for a special IPCA Stun Gun, the blueprints for which you’ll receive at that mission’s end.

Not only does it have a unique ability - setting enemies ablaze if used for long enough - it’s also a nod to Bend Studio’s fan-favorite series Syphon Filter.

You’ll need to hunt down all 18 components, secreted in the remains of hazmat-suited scientists at NERO checkpoints and research sites. But once assembled you’ll have a new toy to play with. Fun fact: use the game’s Photo Mode to zoom in on the gun to spot the initials of Syphon Filter’s hero Gabe Logan emblazoned on its body. Which leads us to…

4. Get snapping in Photo mode

If you haven’t been switching to Photo mode at every opportunity already, you’re missing out: this is an apocalypse so beautiful, you’ll want to keep lasting mementos.

Capture the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful scenery at sunset, frame up a cover-worthy bike snap, or live dangerously by getting close to Oregon’s predators for the ultimate wildlife shot. Chuffed with your edit? Upload and share it on social to share the love.

5. Find all the hidden syringes

While you’re scouring NERO checkpoints and research stations for IPCA tech, also be on the lookout for syringes; there are 30 in total dotted throughout the world. Use any one to permanently increase one of your core stats: Health, Stamina or Focus. Concentrate on one or evenly distribute the shots; each stat maxes out after 10 injections.

Syringes are hidden in medical crates at checkpoints and appear as red flashing beacons at research sites. These latter will also emit a unique noise signature to help you locate them. Grab them all and you’ll be ready for any challenges the world (or Bend Studio) can throw at you.

6. Ready yourself for the Weekly Challenges

You believe yourself to be a headshot master; a stone-cold speed demon; a masterclass brawler. Now prove it to the world.

A post-launch update in June will introduce unique, weekly challenges, rotating between bike, Horde and combat types. For example: how long can you survive against an endless Horde?

Success brings rewards: Trophies and new bike skins. What better way to show off your talents than a blinged-out Drifter motorcycle? And talking of that...

7. Give your bike a new paint job

Your Drifter bike keeps you alive. Why not show it some love and turn your two-wheeled lifeline into a shining - and colorful - beacon of hope amongst the burnt out debris of a world long-lost?

You’ll unlock a custom bike skin for each of the game’s storylines you 100%. Get yourself to a mechanic who offers upgrades at the nearest friendly encampment. Cycle through to ‘Paint’ then ‘Decals’ on the menu. From there, hit R2 to dive into the unlocked custom decals and get pimping your wheels.

8. Earn that Platinum Trophy

You can earn the ultimate accolade of Days Gone’s ‘One Percenter’ Platinum by doing good across the sprawl of Oregon.

Some Trophies you’ll unlock automatically come story mission milestones and trying your hand at certain core activities (your first bike upgrade, defeating a Horde). Others will be the result of cumulative measures: looting corpses, collecting Freaker ears, clocking up 10 minutes of drifting on your bike. At a loss what to focus on? Open your Trophy list and inspire yourself. You’ll be unlocking that Platinum in no time.

9. Relive your favorite moments with the soundtrack

Nathan Whitehead’s sweeping score captures the natural, rugged beauty of the High Desert of the Pacific Northwest and the thrill of playing both hunter and hunted across the post-apocalyptic frontier. Reminisce over those standout moments or just soak in the finer details of the orchestral pieces by listening to the game’s soundtrack on your PS4 through Spotify.  

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