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The best simulation games on PS4 and PS5

Carve out a new career, learn a useful skill or cause chaos as a goat - whether it’s work or pleasure, there’s a simulation out there for you. 

Hands-on sims

Get your hands dirty

Take pride in a job well done as you partake in simulated manual labour.

PowerWash Simulator

Grab your trusty power washer and blast away grime from vehicles, buildings, parks and more in this relaxing clean 'em up experience.

  • Enjoy the simple, satisfying pleasure of firing high-pressure blasts of water to clean up the filth on the streets of Muckingham.
  • As a professional power washer, make your fortune by cleaning a variety of mucky vehicles, buildings and open spaces alone, or with friends.
  • Enjoy several game modes: raise the stakes with Challenge Mode; test your power-washing accuracy and efficiency in Water Challenge; or prove your speed-cleaning proficiency in Time Challenge.
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House Flipper 2

Live out your renovation fantasies in this sim that lets you pick up a roller in one hand and a hammer in the other and go to work on a property, turning it into the home of your dreams.

  • Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and slow-paced gameplay of Story Mode, where challenges can be quick and easy or require real focus to get the job done.
  • Get truly creative in House Flipper 2’s Sandbox Mode, where you can recreate real-world buildings or bring your wildest ideas to life.
  • Discover stories about the setting of Pinnacove – if these walls could talk they’d have a lot to say, and your friendly pal Tom is happy to help you gain crucial local knowledge.

House Flipper 2 releases on March 21, 2024.

Lawn Mowing Simulator Landmark Edition

Leave the overgrown grasslands of the British countryside looking neat and new as you cut them down to size in your ride-on mower.

  • Admire the beauty of the outdoors atop one of 12 licensed lawn mowers, including models from Toro, SCAG and STIGA.
  • Build your own lawncare business - manage your headquarters, hire staff, spend on advertising and keep the books balanced.
  • Embrace variety by completing contracts across Career Mode, Free Mode or Challenge Mode.
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Farming Simulator 22

Take a hands-on approach to agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry as you experience the life of a modern farmer.

  • Build your farm in three diverse American and European environments, and undertake a vast array of farm operations, all of which can be affected by seasonal cycles.
  • Use over 400 machines and tools from over 100 real-world agricultural brands, including  John Deere, CLAAS and Case IH.
  • Farm your way through challenges with your friends using cross-platform multiplayer modes, and take advantage of community-created mods.
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Real-life simulations

Make your mark on the world

Raise cities and grow business empires in these high-stakes sims where business is pleasure.

Cities: Skylines II

Raise a city from the ground up and transform it into a thriving metropolis. Enjoy deep simulation mechanics and a living economy in a game that delivers world building without limits.

  • Plan strategically at each step to ensure day-to-day living in your city isn’t only possible, but pleasurable for its population.
  • Your sprawling urban landscape is alive, and your decisions shape each citizen's life path, a chain of events that defines who they are. 
  • Manage the economy, fight pollution and face seasonal challenges in a city builder so realistic that if you can dream it, you can create it.

Cities: Skylines II is yet to release, please refer to the store page for the latest information.

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Train Sim World 4

Experience a wealth of creativity on the tracks with Train Sim World 4. Take your hobby to a new level by driving a diverse array of trains across many different routes.

  • Complete your basic training and take to the rails of real-world locations, building your understanding of a vast array of real locomotives over time.
  • Use Free Roam mode to pick any train and drive it anywhere, running routes on your rules.
  • Design your own liveries and scenarios, and share your work with other players online using the Creators Club.

Transport Fever 2

Grow your fledgling company into a global transport empire as you haul passengers and cargo by land, air and sea.

  • Deliver raw materials to drive manufacturing, carry people to their places of work and leisure, and connect cities of countless residential and commercial buildings.
  • Use over 200 realistically modelled vehicles based on those used in Asia, America and Europe, and make your way to modular train stations, truck stops and airports.
  • Take on over 50 challenges in Free Play mode, or embark upon three different campaigns spanning three separate continents and offering tens of hours of gameplay.
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Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator

Create and manage your dream restaurant in this exciting slice-of-life sim where you can aim to be the neighbourhood's foodie hotspot or go for a prestigious Michelin star.

  • Choose and customize dozens of individual components - from preparation surfaces to food processors - to bring your ideal kitchen to life.
  • Build your menu around classic dishes from French, Italian and international cuisine, going beyond the basics to reach new gastronomic heights.
  • Learn how to keep your customers loyal and grow your business, managing every aspect of your dishes from cutting and cooking right up to plating.
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Fantasy simulators

Run your dream business

Put reality to one side in these imaginative sims.

Two Point Campus

Take your simulation management experience to a class above with Two Point Campus, the sequel to the acclaimed Two Point Hospital

  • Your university, your rules - create an educational masterpiece that'll flip academia on its head with wildly imaginative courses like Knight School and Gastronomy.
  • Develop inside and out, using all-new tools to shape a campus environment including social spaces like tennis courts and an arena for competitive Cheeseball matches.
  • It's not all about studying, though - monitor your students to ensure the right mix of educational activities and entertainment, so that every one of them graduates as an incredible individual.
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Arcade Paradise

Transform an unremarkable laundromat into something a whole lot more magical in this sim that lets you turn the back room into a blossoming arcade.

  • Take over the family business of washing the neighbourhood's dirties, keeping up with customer expectations for service, and ensuring the facilities are clean and tidy.
  • Out the back, maintain and expand your arcade with the latest coin-ops that'll see the quarters flowing - cash you can invest into more games.
  • Install over 35 playable arcade machines - but don't spend the whole time setting high scores yourself, as this Paradise won't manage itself.
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Jurassic World Evolution 2

Meet fan-favourite series characters and dinosaurs in this sim that mixes extreme zoo management with bioengineering.

  • Get to know over 75 prehistoric creatures and respond to their behaviour as they contest territory and react intelligently to their environments.
  • Campaign mode presents an original story with voice acting from Jeff Goldblum and Bryce Dallas Howard, putting you at the heart of the action after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
  • Build your own park with deep management tools and creative options, getting imaginative in Sandbox mode and testing your skill as calamities befall you in Challenge mode. 
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SteamWorld Build

Beneath an Old West-styled town on an alien planet is a mysterious mine supposedly full of ancient tech - tech that you could really use up here on the surface. Best round up the posse and get down there.

  • Dig down deep and bring back precious ore and more - but watch out for monsters lurking in the darkness.
  • Expand your town with recovered resources, attracting new steamfolk to make their home within your borders. Be sure to keep on top of the needs of all townsfolk to ensure a harmonious homestead.
  • Trade at the local train station and welcome special visitors from time to time, across five distinct maps supporting four difficulty levels. And when you just want to build, head to Sandbox mode and let your imagination loose. 
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People management sims

Become a people person

In these management simulators, you’re only as good as the team you build around you.

F1® Manager 2023

Manage a Formula 1 team in this sim that includes 23 races, six sprint events, new cars and circuits, and much more.

  • Direct every aspect of your team's business, from factory production to the starting grid itself. Enjoy complete control over drivers, staff and cars, and make the right calls to succeed.
  • Examine every detail of the experience through broadcast-quality presentation spanning practice, qualifying and thrilling race days.
  • Go deeper still with Race Replay and Race Moments modes, putting you in charge of real-life scenarios from the 2023 F1 season.
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Football Manager 2024

This Console Edition of the celebrated management sim offers amazing depth and detail that'll turn any coaching beginner into an expert on world football before long.

  • Build an elite squad of international footballing stars and craft your roster into a dream team.
  • Spend millions to strengthen your starting 11 – or invest in youth and develop brand-new superstars on the training pitch, or by establishing fruitful scouting networks.
  • Manage from the dugout, making in-game changes to alter the course of a match. Compete against friends in three online modes: Versus, Fantasy Draft, and Online Career.

Idol Manager

Take on the role of a talent agency manager and aim to create the next Japanese pop sensation in this business simulator where you conquer the entertainment industry by any means necessary.

  • Scout your idols-to-be and put them through voice and dance training, making decisions about their look (cool or cute?) and online profile.
  • Produce your groups' music and press it to CD - and then promote the release as much as you can, across interviews and live appearances, to turn talent into profits.
  • Look out for negative press and move fast when there's disharmony in the ranks caused by interpersonal issues and media-manipulated scandals. If it's all too much, switch to Relaxed difficulty to make the road to stardom smoother.
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Planet Zoo

Experience the award-winning, BAFTA-nominated Planet Zoo on console, with new controller support for the game's piece-by-piece construction tools.

  • Create enclosures for an incredible array of authentically realized animals that think, feel and react to the world you build around them. Manage their needs to allow them to thrive and protect future generations.
  • Every creative decision you make impacts your animals and the experience of your visitors. Let your imagination run wild as you build stunning zoos with unique themes.
  • Play any of four game modes including career and sandbox, join an online community and share designs via the Frontier Workshop, and take advantage of additional features and content from the celebrated PC version.

Planet Zoo releases on March 26, 2024.

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Fun sims

All play and no work

Make it your business to have fun with these comedic non-sims.

Bee Simulator

Buzz around an expansive (Central Park-inspired) park ripe for exploration in this sweet-as-honey and decidedly surreal sim which casts the player as a bee.

  • See the world through the eyes of a bee as you take part in races with your fellow insects, collect pollen, defy wasps and spoil picnics. Call in the swarm for support when you need to.
  • Follow the orders of the queen bee and undertake a series of missions to keep your hive happy and healthy, and repel the humans who want to cut down the tree you call home.
  • Play with friends or family in three game modes, including co-op and PvP on split screen.
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Punch Club 2: Fast Forward

Manage every aspect of becoming a champion fighter in this neon-drenched, futuristic game that mixes pixel-art fistfights with deep simulation mechanics.

  • Play through a thrilling choose-your-own-adventure-style experience filled with hilarity, 1980s nostalgia and even more punching than the first game.
  • Manage your time and funds as you rise to the top of the fighting leagues, solving crimes, working for the police, the mafia, and many other characters.
  • Could you really be humanity's saviour who uncovers the murky secrets of the Goodness Corporation? Only one way to find out - and that starts with finally moving out of mom's garage.
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Goat Simulator 3

Find your Capra calling in this four-player sandbox of simulated stupidity set in a chaos-encouraging open world.

  • Get your friends together so you can all wreak havoc as goats. Pick from a variety of goat styles and optionally dress them up in bizarre costumes.
  • Cause mayhem with jetpacks, lightsabers, leaf blowers and your own unnaturally stretchy tongue as you rack up dubious accomplishments and attain new gear.
  • Mess around with physics, switch status effects on and off, seek out easter eggs and participate in a number of minigames including Prop Hunt, Hoofball and Head Splat.
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Job Simulator

The workplace has been taken over by robots in this sim where the player - as a robot - has to learn what it used to be like to have a job.

  • Relive the glory days of office work, running a kitchen, being a clerk at a convenience store and more as you play through not-entirely-accurate recreations of these scenarios.
  • Eat food out of the trash, aggressively chug coffee and chuck a stapler at your colleagues as you fully envelop yourself in this simulator using PlayStation VR2.
  • Play in Infinite Overtime mode to experience the joy (and pain) of a never-ending night shift, entertaining yourself with whatever objects are closest to hand.
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