Apex Legends

From Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Apex Legends is a hero shooter with a growing roster of larger-than-life characters battling it out for fame and fortune.

  • Pick from an array of Legends, each with their own unique abilities, and customize their looks and loadouts to best suit your play style.
  • Dive into 60-player matches as part of a duo or trio, and fight to be the last team standing. Should your allies fall, look for a Respawn Beacon!
  • The universe of Apex Legends continues to evolve, with new in-game maps, freshly added characters and lore, and bold personalities sure to leave an impression.
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Naraka: Bladepoint

Join your friends in fast-paced melee fights, using personally customized heroes that can wall-run and zipline across the ever-shrinking battlefield.

  • Create your own playstyle using a wide array of heroes and weaponry, and master combos, counters and parries on your way to victory.
  • How you play is up to you – take your team into a range of competitive modes, fight solo through rich campaigns, and enjoy regularly updated seasonal content.
  • Feel the excitement of close-quarters combat and free-flowing movement in the beautiful lands of Morus and Holoroth, environments inspired by Far Eastern legends.
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Fall Guys

Jump into this party royale game where contestants compete in escalating rounds of absurd obstacle course chaos until one lucky victor remains.

  • Tumble solo between competitive free-for-alls and cooperative challenges, or take on the Blunderdome with up to three friends.
  • Compete with friends using cross-play, cross-platform parties and cross-progression via your Epic Games account.
  • Customize your avatar with a multitude of colours, patterns, costumes and nameplates, and celebrate your wins with a range of emotes.
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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone sees the juggernaut shooter series take on the battle royale genre, with players competing across the urban Urzikstan and the undead-overrun Fortune's Keep maps.

  • Discover supply boxes and complete contracts to build your arsenal in this Call of Duty experience mixing classic and evolving gameplay.
  • Take over a drivable train, leverage horizontal ziplines to improve movement, and fight your way out of the Gulag to rejoin the action.
  • Join a growing global community and experience new weapons, equipment, modes and events added every season.
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The most iconic of all battle royale experiences is exceptionally well supported and offers a vast array of gameplay modes to suit all moods and tastes.

  • Be the last player standing in classic Battle Royale mode, building structures to gain an advantage over 99 other players and achieve a Victory Royale.
  • Enter Zero Build to play a streamlined, combat-focused experience with building stripped out. This is all about accurate gunplay and speedy movement.
  • Play with a wealth of skins from pop culture, covering movies, TV, anime, music and more. And Fortnite goes deeper still with LEGO FortniteRocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and thousands of player-made islands ready to explore.
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My Hero Ultra Rumble

Pick your favourite character from the hit anime series My Hero Academia and work in teams of three in this colourful and chaotic 24-player battle royale.

  • Take control of heroes and villains alike, planning and executing strategies with your teammates to be the last trio standing.
  • Pick from one of five character archetypes: Strike, Assault, Support, Rapid and Technical. Mix character types within your team to find the right balance.
  • Utilize your Quirk, the superpower-like ability each character possesses, to turn the tide of battle, and watch for updates and additions for your loadouts with each new season.
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PUBG: Battlegrounds

Dive into the action in the battle royale that started it all, competing against up to 99 other online players to be the last one standing. Frying pans, optional.

  • Parachute into one of nine different maps, each with their own environmental challenges and player opportunities, and grab whatever weapon you can.
  • Customize your character and weapons to really stand out from the crowd - or dress to blend into the environment and avoid detection.
  • Play solo, wreaking havoc on your own, or take on the challenge in a squad of up to four players to increase your chances of survival.
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Warface: Clutch

Formerly known as Warface, this team-based shooter represents an evolution of BR gameplay and remains popular over a decade after its debut.

  • Pick from five unique classes - Rifleman, Medic, SED, Engineer and Sniper - each with a special action, such as resupplying ammunition or restoring armour.
  • Play PvP and PvE across dozens of maps, ranging from fan favourites to new experiments, and take on an array of raids with your friends.
  • Earn Warface Dollars in-game and increase your earnings by using boosters. Use this currency to buy weapons and armour, repair items, and access the premium Battle Pass. 
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Super Animal Royale

This 64-player 2D battle royale takes a top-down look at armed-up animals shooting, scrapping and (checks notes) hamster balling to the finish.

  • Pick your favourite cutesy critter and arm them to the teeth before diving into the action, either solo or in a squad of up to four players.
  • Scavenge new weapons, armour and items while on the field to become the true apex predator.
  • Customize your chosen breed of animal with thousands of fun cosmetics, with new outfits, weapons and creatures added with each seasonal update.
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Battlefield V: Firestorm

Play solo or in squads of up to four on the biggest map in Battlefield history, fighting for supremacy as one of 64 players while the surrounding firestorm closes in.

  • Scavenge the map for high-risk, high-reward objectives, and fight using not only handheld weapons but also a range of combat vehicles.
  • Battlefield's trademark destruction plays out in spectacular fashion as buildings explode and the landscape burns, the firestorm claiming more territory with every passing second.
  • Squad up to share gear, revive fallen colleagues and outlast your opponents through both cunning and military might.
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CRSED spawns you directly into the action, no dropping needed, for intense solo, duo or five-per-team gameplay. Use realistic weapons and call upon otherworldly powers in this unique experience.

  • Play in first- or third-person perspective, so as to get the best angle on one of four different maps that are always shrinking as the deadly Dark Zone surrounds the action.
  • Every champion has their own superpower, which is charged through collecting fallen foes' souls. Flood the map, eclipse the sun, summon zombies or teleport yourself out of danger - but be aware of the cost.
  • Each season brings new costumes, masks, talismans, hats, gestures, graffiti and even underwear, to ensure your avatar leaves an impression even if they're picked off early.
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Realm Royale Reforged

Squad up for this team-based battle royale that offers a revived take on one of the genre’s more underrated entries, where magic meets might across a massive fantasy map.

  • Work as a team to ultimately succeed, but don’t forget to keep yourself in the fight by picking up weapons, new magical abilities and game-changing items during each match.
  • Save time and escape the closing wall of fog around you by summoning a mount and riding away from trouble – or, if you want to, straight into it.
  • Defeat isn’t the end, as downed players are reincarnated as chickens. Evade enemies long enough while playing as a feathery fowl and you’ll reappear in your regular form to rejoin the fray.
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H1Z1: Battle Royale

This pure, fast-paced battle royale lets you play solo, as a duo, or in a team of five, in matches of up to 150 players. Stay ahead of your opposition and the toxic gas cloud which is slowly shrinking the map.

  • Drop into a massive map and search for weapons, ammo, vehicles and air drops to get a leg up on the competition and be the last one standing.
  • Do you hide, or do you hunt? Going on the offensive isn't always the answer - a car can be both a means of escape and a way to get closer to the action.
  • Craft makeshift tools, bandages and body armour - every small advantage helps when the gas cloud has reduced the battlefield to close-quarter combat.
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