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UFC 222 smashes onto PS4 with live stream pay per view

Catch the event straight from your home console

The event, kicking off at 2pm AEDT on Sunday 4th March, can be watched through your PlayStation 4 thanks to a new pay per view service.

How the pay per view works

Getting ready for UFC 222 is simple. Head to PlayStation Store now from your PS4 and search for "UFC 222: Cyborg vs Kunitskaya". You can pre-order the pay per view today. And that’s it: you're all set!

You’ll find your purchased content in your ‘My Videos’ App on your PS4 dashboard. A handy timer countdown will keep you informed as to when the event starts. You’ll be able to watch the live stream as soon as the event starts.


Save with PlayStation Plus

PS+ Users get 10% off

UFC 222 kicks off at 2pm AEDT on Sunday, 4th March. You can get the pay per view for a one-off price of $49.95 AUD. Australian PS Plus users can get a 10% discount off the pay per view price.

Need help?

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