Reverse a PSN suspension for account debt

How to reverse a PSN suspension for account debt

If your payment method has had a charge reversed on a PlayStation™Store purchase, this can result in your account being restricted from accessing PlayStation™Network (PSN).

How can an account be suspended from PSN for a debt?

A chargeback, or payment reversal, occurs when a financial institution cancels an existing payment at your request. 

As a chargeback can indicate you suspect fraud or account take-over, we will suspend your account or console to protect it while we investigate. If there is no lawful reason for the chargeback (e.g. no legal right to a refund), your account will remain suspended until the debt is repaid.

Need help restoring access to your account suspended due to a chargeback?

You can regain access to your account by paying the balance that is due. Click the button below to get started with a web-form for assistance.

Why was my account suspended for a chargeback?

If you see the error code WS-37368-7 when attempting to sign in to PlayStation™Network, your account has been suspended because your financial institution reversed a charge on one or more of your PlayStation Network purchases.

How to prevent PlayStation Network debt suspensions

  • Make sure your financial institution doesn’t reverse charges on any valid purchases or subscriptions from PlayStation Store.
  • If you believe purchases were made without your consent, please visit the unauthorized transactions guide. 

  • Set up "Require Password at Checkout" on PlayStation Store to help prevent unauthorized payments. 
  • If you are a Family Manager or guardian, you can set spending limits for your child family members.

Need help? 

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