Updated February 6 2017

PS4 Pro: Dynamic 4K gaming & 4K entertainment

Find out more about visual enhancements the PlayStation Pro brings to gaming and entertainment.


What is 4K?       

4K is almost four times higher definition than standard (1080p HD). Though all PS4 systems have HDR capabilities, you can only get 4K with the PS4 Pro system because of its increased processing power. Availability of enhanced image quality depends on your home entertainment set-up.

Whether a game is released in 4K is down to the developer, as they can develop a title in 4K or add a patch. Whether a developer decides on 4K depends on what they choose to use the PS4 Pro system’s extra power for; to add frames for smoother gameplay or add pixels for smoother graphics.

There will be no PS4 Pro only games – all games can be played on all PS4 systems, but upgraded image quality will be limited to systems with 4K capabilities.

The PS4 Pro automatically selects the best available resolution. To know more, check how to change PS4 Pro resolution.


  • When you have a PlayStation VR processor unit and headset connected to your PS4 Pro this may limit the definition displayed on your TV. You can find out more here.

Native vs adaptive 4K

Some games are native 4K while others are adaptive. The difference is whether the developer has created the game in 4K (native) or whether they have added the facility for the PS4 Pro to ‘upscale’ the standard image (adaptive).

If you’re unsure whether a game is native or adaptive, please check with the publisher who will be able to provide the most up to date information on this.

The picture quality you’ll see depends on the type of display device (TV, projector, etc.) you have. The following information is dependent on 4K/HDR being correctly set up on both your PS4 system and your display device:

  4K (2160p) content Full HD (1080p) content Non Full HD (720p or less) content
Full HD (1080p) display device Limited to 1080p Displayed in 1080p Optimised to 1080p
4K (2160p) display device Native 4K (2160p) Adaptive to 4K (2160p)