Updated March 1 2017

PlayStation Vita dual analog sticks not working

Find out what to do if your PlayStation Vita’s dual analog sticks aren’t working properly.


For PlayStation Vita applications and PlayStation Vita games

Ensure that the current application supports dual analog stick operation.
 If so, access an application that supports dual analog stick controls and check that the analog sticks are calibrated by rotating them in a circular motion before releasing them. If they are properly calibrated, they will automatically be reset and adjusted to their optimal position.

For PSP games, PS one games and minis

Some PSP games, PS one games and minis do not support dual analog stick controls.

Check if the analog sticks are enabled for the current game by accessing the In-game PlayStation Vita Menu (which is only accessible when playing PSP games, PS one games and minis).

  1. Tap the PlayStation Vita system's screen with two fingers to display the In-game PlayStation Vita Menu
  2. Then choose Controller Settings > [Switch Modes] and select "Analog Mode".