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What is a Subscription?

A PlayStation Subscription is a paid-for ongoing service with a recurring subscription fee. The subscription will continue until cancelled. You can find a variety of subscriptions offered on PS Store and manage your subscription online or on your PlayStation system.


How do I cancel a PlayStation subscription?

To end a PlayStation subscription such as PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now, you will need to [Turn off Auto-Renew] by visiting Subscriptions Management. Without Auto-Renew activated on your account, the subscription will end at the next renewal date.


How do I gift a subscription?

If you purchase a digital subscription from the PS Store, it will be automatically applied to the account used to purchase it. 

To gift a subscription, simply purchase a subscription voucher or a Wallet top-up voucher from your preferred retailer. A subscription for a child account will need to be applied to the Family Manger's account — the child account will then be able to access age-appropriate subscription content. 

A valid payment method will need to be on the account in order to redeem a subscription voucher code or purchase a subscription with Wallet funds.