Updated October 17 2018

How to remotely deactivate PlayStation systems

Learn how to deactivate all PlayStation systems linked to your account using a web browser.


If you are unable to manually deactivate a console from the system itself, it is still possible to deactivate (and sign out of) all devices attached to your accounts using account management on the web.

Remote deactivation can be useful in  a number of situations, for example:

  • You have sent your PlayStation system for service or repair.
  • You have sold an old PlayStation system.
  • Your PlayStation system has been lost or stolen.

How to remotely deactivate all systems

Please note, this action can only be performed once every 6 months.
  1. Sign in to account management on the web.

  2. Select [Account] > [Media and Devices].

  3. Select [Deactivate All].
  1. Select [Yes]. A confirmation message will appear when deactivation is complete.

Please note, PlayStation Video cannot be remotely deactivated and you'll need to do this on the system itself. If you no longer have access to the system linked to PlayStation Video, please contact us.