Updated March 4 2019

Tournaments on PS4

Find out more information and frequently asked questions about taking part in ESL tournaments on PS4.


Tournaments let you compete against other PSN users across the world to gain recognition among the community or win prizes.

Go to [Events] > [Tournaments] to find out what tournaments are coming up and to register to take part.

How to sign up for a tournament

You’ll need to link your account to your ESL account and have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to sign up for a tournament.

  1. Go to [Events] > [Tournaments] to choose which tournament you want to compete in.
  2. Be sure to check the tournament information and rules on the detail page.
  3. Select [Register] to take part. You’ll be redirected to ESL via web browser so you can sign in with your ESL ID (or create an ESL account) and link your accounts if you haven’t previously done this via PS4 Settings.
  4. The Tournament is now visible in [My Events] but if you want to drop out before your match you can do this by selecting [Unregister] on the tournament detail page.
  5. When the tournament is due to start, you will be requested to “Check-in” in order to confirm your final attendance. Check-in period is in the tournament event detail page. You need to check in by opening the event and selecting [Check In Now]. This is to make sure all players are ready to start at the scheduled time.
  6. After the Check-In period has ended, you will receive a notification when you have been matched to an opponent. You can find your current Tournament Match in [My Events]

Frequently Asked Questions

Support & Technical Questions

Q: Where do I direct any questions I have regarding the tournament?
A: You can open a support ticket on the tournament webpage of ESL’s website.

Q: What happens if my opponent does not show up for a tournament?
A: If your opponent does not show up to the tournament, you can message them through the PlayStation 4 messaging system. If you receive no response, report the opponent as a no-show on the tournament match and in a support ticket on ESL’s website.

Q: What if I am having technical difficulties and cannot join the match?
A: Notify your opponent immediately that you are trying to connect. If issues come up, send either a support or protest ticket to ESL through their website.

Q: How do I receive updates on support tickets and protests?
A: You will receive updates via the email address associated with your ESL account. Additionally, you can view the progress on your tickets on the ESL webpage.

Q: How can I report my opponent for cheating or other types of misconduct?
A: Go to the tournament-specific page on ESL’s website and create a protest against your opponent. Provide screenshots and evidence as necessary.

Tournament Play Questions

Q: How do I know when my next match starts?
A: You will receive a notification when your next match is ready. It will also appear in the Events app.

Q: How do I know the final tournament results?
A: After tournament ends, you will receive a notification about the final tournament results. You will be able to see the winners, your match performance, and your tournament ranking.

Q: What does it mean when I receive a “bye”?
A: A “bye” means that you do not play in this round of the tournament and do not have an opponent. This means you will automatically advance to the next round. Wait for a notification for your next match once you receive a bye.

You will receive all match updates in the notification screen.

Q: What does it mean to auto-join a tournament at start time?
A: If you have auto-join at start time on, the application will automatically start at the start time and you will join the tournament. If you opt out of it, you will still receive a notification during start time. 

At the end of the registration process, you will be asked if you want to auto join at start time.

Q: How do I know when I am eliminated from a tournament?
A: In a single elimination tournament, you will not receive a next match after one loss. In a double elimination tournament, you will not receive a next match after two losses. For other tournament formats, such as swiss, view ESL’s ruleset for when you are eliminated from a tournament.

Q: What is a swiss format tournament?
A: In a swiss format tournament, you play in the tournament for a fixed number of rounds. In each round, you are matched against opponents with the same win-loss record. There is no single winner in a swiss tournament.

Q: How do I redeem prizing I won from a tournament?
A: ESL’s website contains all information about tournament prizing.  Contact their support if you have any issues or delays in receiving prizing.

Q: How do I know how many tournaments I’ve participated in and my rank overall?
A: There is currently no leaderboard system for all tournaments, but you can view individual tournament performance when you receive the match results. 

Team vs Team Questions

Q: How do I create a team for the team tournaments?
A: Click into the Events app on the PlayStation® 4 content launcher and select the “Teams” Icon at the bottom. Then click “Create Team” and you will be able to customise your team and invite friends to join.

On the team tournaments page, you can join and create teams to play in tournaments with.

Q: Can I register for a team tournament if I’m not the team owner?
A: Only the owner of a team can register for the tournament. The owner of the team must register the entire team and decide on the roster for the team tournament.