Updated October 13 2015

How to send, receive and delete messages on PlayStation 3

This article shows you how to manage your messages on PlayStation 3.


Check for new messages

When you sign in to PlayStation Network, the system will automatically check for any new messages and notify you if you have received any.

Go to [Friends] > [Message Box] > [Received].

Send a message

  1. Go to [Friends] >   [Message Box] > [Create Message].
  2. In the ‘To:’ field either select the Online ID of a person in your Friends List or enter the Online ID of the user.
  3. Type your message and select [Send].

Delete a message

  1. Go to  [Friends] >   [Message Box] > [Received] or [Sent].
  2. Highlight the messages that you want to delete and press (triangle button) > [Delete] and press (X button).