Updated January 26 2017

Community feature on PlayStation 4 systems

Since the release of the system software update 3.0 for your PlayStation 4, you can now create a new Community or join a Community that already exists.


Communities are places where you can find players who have similar interests and preferences. Within a Community you can play games, have parties with other Community members, or talk about your shared interests.

Community Owners, Moderators and Members

Owner: The owner is the player who creates the Community. When creating a Community, the owner selects which players can join and become members.

  • Anyone
    Anyone can join the Community.
  • By Request Only
    Only players approved by the owner or moderator(s) can join the Community.

Moderator: A moderator is a player who can act on behalf of the owner to approve requests to join a Community or post messages of the day. The owner can select any member from the Community to become a moderator.

Member: A member is a player who joins a Community.

How can I create a Community?

  1. Select (Communities) from the function screen.
  1. Select [Create Community].
  2. Adjust settings such as a name for the Community and players who can join the Community.

Note: Some words might not be allowed to be used while naming your Community, e.g.: “Official” or “Verified”.

  1. Select a game that your Community will focus on.
  2. Select an image and background.
  3. Adjust settings such as time zone and language.
  4. After you have created the Community, you can select players that you want to invite on the screen that is displayed, and then send invitations to those players.


  • Sub account users cannot create Communities.
  • To delete a Community, select (Community Settings) > [Community Management] > [Delete Community].

Community main screen information:

Operation buttons


Invite other players to join the Community.

  (Create Party)

Create a party and announce it to Community members. Players who are not Community members can also join the party.
For details on parties, see "About parties".

  (Community Settings)

Owners and Moderators can manage Communities and adjust settings, including the Membership Requests and Block List. Members can leave Communities.

Switch display

Now Playing

Display games that members are playing or parties they have joined.

Community Wall

Display the message of the day or member posts. By pressing Triangle on the DualShock 4 you can perform a manual refresh of the comments.


Display names of Community members.

How to post a comment on a Community:

  1. Go to the Community wall section of the Community.
  2. By selecting the Discussion area you will be able to post pictures and text messages.
  3. Once you are happy with your message, select the “Post” button. By doing so, your message will be shown in the Community wall section.

What is the maximum number of members that can join each Community?

Each community can have a maximum of 100K members.

Are there any plans to increase the maximum number of members for each Community?

We are considering the possibility of changing the maximum number of community members, but have nothing to announce at this time.